RedLeg Rum Releases First TV campaign ‘Crab Dance’, Created By °Small World, In Partnership With ITV AdVentures

RedLeg Rum, one of the UK’s fastest growing rum brands, has released its first ever TV campaign. The ad uses a ‘crab dance’ to hero the brand’s mascot, the RedLeg Hermit Crab. 

The campaign creative by scaleup advertising specialists °Small World and their partners 10 Days, will run exclusively on ITV. It shows a couple ordering a drink in a classic rum bar, who ask the bartender why the RedLeg bottle features a crab on the label. 

One of the customers behind them begins dancing, and one by one, other drinkers in the bar join in, while the barman doesn’t bat an eyelid, merely suggesting it’s because RedLeg crabs are social creatures that embody the spirit of island life. 

This is the first drinks campaign for °Small World, which was set up by Dan Salkey and Harvey Austin (formerly at agency Dark Horses) to reimagine the way a creative agency works for bold, brave and fast-growing brands. °Small World uses world class casting to manage bespoke teams in sprint-like processes on everything from branding development to online ads and TV campaigns.
RedLeg Rum is part of the Distil Plc portfolio, which also includes brands such as Blackwoods Vintage Gin, Blavod and TRØVE.

For its first TV campaign, RedLeg partnered with ITV AdVentures, the broadcaster’s commercial incubator for fast-growing brands. The teams worked closely to develop the media plan, which will see the 30 second advert target key audiences on linear ITV channels, as well as nationally across the ITV Hub.

Dan Salkey, co-founder, at °Small World, said: 
“Distribution and growth tactics for both physical and digital brands can only take you so far before they plateau. That’s why it’s important for startup and scaleup brands to experiment with ATL brand channels.” 

“Besides the savvy strategy behind production, media and brand tracking, we have a brilliant ad. It’s going to work a treat for RedLeg. A distinct creative that drives name fame and will stick in people’s heads. Remember the name RedLeg Rum.” 

Kate O’Connell, marketing and operations director, at RedLeg, said: 
“We’ve had a great journey to where we are today as a brand – our product and packaging cuts through, and our  distribution is strong – but they can only take you so far. 

“The campaign creative from °Small World & 10 Days has really addressed our need for a boost in brand awareness – and their way of working with fast production times, coupled with the full support of ITV AdVentures means we’ve been able to trial TV as a channel for us at a crucial time in our growth. This has really opened doors for us to try new ways of working.”

Callum Taylor, AdVentures business controller, ITV, said:
“We’re excited to have partnered with Distil for RedLeg Rum’s first TV campaign, to drive awareness of the brand across the UK. Using ITV’s unique linear transmission footprint, we have been able to concentrate media pressure on specific regions – for example, those with the highest retailer count, and index for the ‘bullseye’ target audience. 

“TV advertising doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be effective, it delivers immediate results, and has been proven to increase the performance of other media channels. You can also measure the longer term benefits – with many fantastic brand tracking partners now being able to give an indication of future action too. The RedLeg campaign will run as part of our AdVentures Ignite programme, which offers partners support at every stage of the journey. 

“Of course, a strong media plan needs a brilliant creative that aligns with the strategy. °Small World and 10 Days are committed to creating ideas that rely on clever storytelling and strategic insight to build brands, rather than massive production budgets.” 

Source: RedLeg Rum

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