‘Restaurant quality’ retail pizza startup Homedough launches investment drive and reveals first equity stake

Homedough Pizza, the ‘restaurant quality’ pizza startup with listings across London has partnered with advertising Insiders Studio, as the agency takes a stake in the brand to drive its growth, launch its investment drive and help take the brand national.

Homedough launched in February 2023, already sells out in its listings across London – in Planet Organic and a range of independent stores.

Homedough’s USP is a high quality, UK-made sourdough base – with simple, locally-sourced toppings. This sets it apart from other home-cook pizzas available in the UK – many of which use the same pre-cooked bases from factories in Europe.

The pizza brand is now in conversation with a range of national retailers and has a partnership in the works with AF Blakemore’s Spar division . As such, Homedough is looking for investment to expand its production facilities and staff.

FMCG growth and people consultant Olivia Styles has also taken a stake in Homedough in exchange for her services. Olivia has worked for a number of purpose driven start-ups such as Sipsmith gin, Holy Moly dips and The REAL Drinks Co. She will be advising on Homedough’s investment, drivers for growth and building the team in order to bring Ben’s vision to reality.

Insiders, which works with cult food brands such as Merchant Gourmet, Belvoir Farm and Holy Moly will be helping Homedough with its strategy and positioning, creative, branding, advertising and more.

Ben Bomford, founder at Homedough, said:

“As a pizza lover, I was frustrated by the lack of middle ground between restaurants or expensive take out, and the pizzas available on the high street. We also noticed that while the restaurant experience of pizza was evolving – with pizza becoming an ever cooler item, with cult status – pizzas in store were still pushing an over-focus on toppings and allusions to Italian cuisine. 

“Consumer research repeatedly showed that for shop-bought pizza, it’s the dough that lets the products down. So we decided to start there, with a product based around a great – well, base.

“We decided to focus on using our own special sourdough base that is great for reheating in the oven with simple, locally sourced toppings and recyclable packaging. We regularly sell out across London, and know there’s national appetite for a better home-cooked pizza. With Insiders on board, and our investment drive pushing ahead, we know we can take that next step.”

Josh Clarricoats, founding partner at Insiders added:

“The best thing about running your own agency is getting the chance to play a part in growing businesses you love. In this case, we’ve taken it a step further with a stake in Homedough – giving us a chance to put our money where our mouth is and support a brand that frankly, we believe the entire UK should be able to buy. Homedough is a great product offering something unique in the market – and with huge potential for growth.“

Source: Insiders

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