Scotch & Soda: R&B Distillers Team Up With Fentimans


Scotch and soda is a classic pairing, redolent of smokey bars in the Mad Men era, but in recent years, it has been usurped by ubiquitous Aperol Spritzes and G+Ts as the effortless bar order. Craft whisky makers, R&B Distillers have teamed up with artisanal soft drink makers Fentimans to attempt to change our drinking habits and reinstate this matchless combination.

While some whisky drinkers believe that Scotch should not be mixed, R&B Distillers aren’t afraid to be adventurous and turn away from stereotypes of the spirit and have found that Fentimans’ premium sodas provide a disarmingly simple counterpart to its highland single grain Scotch, Borders. The whisky has been paired with Curiosity Cola, Rose Lemonade and Ginger Ale. Fentimans’ invigorating cola is brewed using cinnamon which adds depth of flavour to the traditional cola which complements the sweet vanilla notes of Borders. The herbaceous notes of the whisky are picked up by the Rose Lemonade and give the drinks a pleasing pinkish hue while Ginger Ale adds an autumnal heat to a long serve.

Brand Ambassador for R&B Distillers, Chris Hoban, comments: “Looking for a whisky alternative to the classic G&T we started experimenting with the extensive range from Fentimans because we felt their story shared our values. We were delighted to discover our personal favourites of Borders with Rose Lemonade, Ginger Ale or Curiosity Cola which are now our go-to long drinks for any season.”

Using time honoured recipes, Fentimans traditional sodas are botanically brewed, using a combination of infusion, skilful blending and fermentation of natural ingredients. Borders is an award-winning highland single grain Scotch whisky. Unusually, it is the only single grain Scotch Whisky to contain 50% wheat & 50% malted barley from one highland distillery. The whisky is a testament to the brand’s 19th century heritage and a nod to the future: Co-founder Alasdair Day’s great-grandfather blended whisky in the Coldstream and R&B hope to bring a distillery back to this forgotten region with Borders an exciting representation of what’s to come.

Source: R&B Distillers

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