SIG empowers producers to expand single-serve beverage offerings by optimising speed and flexibility


SIG has launched an upgraded version of its CFA 724 filling machine making it possible to fill two carton formats of the same base dimensions with a capacity of 24,000 packs an hour. The CFA 724 is a format-flexible, high-speed filling machine for small-size aseptic carton packs offering the fastest change-over times in the industry. Designed to fill up to 24,000 carton packs an hour, the new CFA 724 combines both high speed and high flexibility on one line. This offers food and beverage producers the opportunity to expand their product range by easily switching between two different carton pack formats – combibloc and now combifit.

With ever-changing consumer trends and demands, producers need their production lines to be highly flexible, agile and intelligent in order to handle periods of higher output as well as faster product changes. However, producers are often faced with the challenge of having to choose between a filling machine that offers either high speed or high flexibility. Due to SIG’s unique sleeve system and filling technology, the new CFA 724 ensures that producers never have to compromise. 

Stefan Mergel, Senior Product Manager Equipment at SIG: “With our fast and flexible filling system, our customers will always be able to react quickly and efficiently to whatever trends are shaping the market. And we’ve made it all possible thanks to our unique sleeve technology because, unlike other systems on the market, our carton packs are delivered as flat-packed sleeves with the long side already hygienically sealed. This means it’s quick and easy to switch between different formats, volumes, designs and products – and it makes the CFA 724 the most agile and flexible filling machine possible for small-size aseptic carton packs.”

In addition, SIG’s built-in drinksplus technology means producers can add particulates to their beverages, including cereals, fruits, or vegetable pieces. They can also use the CFA 724 to switch between any of SIG’s sustainable packaging structures. For example, going from SIG’s standard carton packaging structures to one of its SIGNATURE packaging materials without any change to their line is one possibility. This gives producers the flexibility to meet global megatrends for healthy, convenient products that have a lower environmental footprint. 

This ground-breaking agility from SIG led to Korean dairy producer Maeil Dairy becoming the first company to acquire the new CFA 724. With their expansion goals limited due to space constraints, the producer needed a filling line that could provide unrivalled flexibility in terms of volume, shape and product application. 

Keun Seang Lim, Executive Director in Production Division at Maeil Dairy: “To expand the business in a sustainable and realistic way, we needed to focus on flexibility – without having to compromise on speed or quality. We needed a compact filling machine that could help us increase production while continuing to serve consumers high-quality beverages. With the new CFA 724, we’ve made these goals a reality.” 

When it comes to flexibility, SIG has always been ahead in the industry with its unique volume, format, design, and product flexibility provided by its filling technology. Now, with the CFA 724 for combiblocSmall and combifitSmall, SIG can further support food and beverage producers in ensuring they not only meet their current product needs, but also respond quickly to new consumer demands, optimise their output, and secure a long-term presence in the market.

Source: Sig

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