SIG’s technology provides Olympia Dairy with unmatched flexibility combined with speed

Olympia Dairy has opened the retail distribution channel as a second strategic pillar to offer its liquid dairy products by becoming the first Belgian dairy company to choose packaging and filling technology from SIG.

Olympia has always supplied the food service industry by offering products in large sized plastic and glass bottles to hotel and catering establishments. Now with the installation of its first fast and flexible CFA 812 filling machine from SIG, the company will be able to launch their products in the retail sector while flexibly meeting the needs of retailers and environmentally conscious consumers for sustainable packaging that fits perfectly into everyday lives.

Olympia will benefit from the perfect combination of maximum flexibility and speed that enables the company to offer an unmatched variety of packaging options.‘If we do it, we do it right’ is Olympia’s approach, which puts convenience and sustainability at its core. Its forward-looking team is fully convinced by the key arguments in favor of carton packaging. Olympia now has the option to use industry-leading sustainable packaging material options from SIG such as EcoPlus, an innovative composite structure without aluminium and with less environmental impact compared to the conventional carton, as well as SIGNATURE packaging material, which is 100% linked to plant-based renewable material and lowers the carbon footprint of the carton pack even further.

Kris Huygh, CEO at Olympia Dairy: “Our new partnership with SIG opens up many opportunities in the retail sector and will put Olympia Dairy in a strong position within the European dairy market. By choosing the most forward-looking, futureproof and sustainable packaging, we can provide our modern consumers with the very best in terms of sophistication, convenience and minimal environmental impact. We now have the flexibility to stay one step ahead in retail with so many options available on one filling machine.”

SIG’s filling technology provides high flexibility without compromising on speed and output. The number of packaging options on one SIG CFA 812 filling machine for ‘square base format’ aseptic cartons is a multiple of any other such filling machine on the market. One single CFA 812 filling machine provides customers with more than 70 different packaging options – combining different packaging formats, volume sizes, openings and packaging materials – all with an output of 12,000 packs per hour.

Volker Bubacz, Head of Market Area UK & BeNeLux at SIG: “We are delighted to welcome Olympia as our first Belgian dairy customer and we’re looking forward to developing our close partnership to launch new and exciting products. We will support Olympia in offering the most innovative and sustainable product and packaging solutions and bring a fresh impetus to the Benelux dairy market.”

SIG’s close cooperation with Olympia Dairy offers true product innovation and differentiation as part of SIG’s Value Proposition, which aims to deliver innovative product and packaging solutions that enable businesses to satisfy ever-changing needs.

Source: SIG

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