SIG’s unique on-the-go combismile carton pack enters French market with new Volvic fruity flavoured ranges

SIG’s unique on-the-go combismile carton pack enters the French market for the first time this month, with the new fruity flavoured ranges for adults and kids from renowned natural mineral water brand Volvic.

SIG’s combismile packaging innovation is the ideal lifestyle packaging option for flavoured water. Offering the highest level of consumer convenience and stand out premium feel and appearance, combismile has been designed to meet the needs of modern on-the-go consumers.

Stylish combismile offers consumers a new packaging experience as they stay refreshed on-the-go during their busy daily schedules. Easy to grip and use, combismile carton pack from SIG also includes a single-action and re-closable combiGo closure for convenient opening, closing and secure bag storage, to provide the ultimate on-the-go drinking experience.

Nathalie Abrahamian-Deudon, Vice-Presidente Marketing at Danone Waters France: “We are delighted to be the first in France to use the new combismile carton pack for our two new flavoured drink ranges Volvic Kids and Volvic Zest+. This packaging is perfectly adapted to the new consumption habits of the French and the move towards more mobile and active lifestyles. This innovation is part of our approach to offer more responsible and sustainable packaging, with the ambition to eliminate the use of virgin plastic from our packaging by 2025.”

With an output of 24,000 carton packs per hour, SIG’s CFA 1824 filling machine provides the optimum combination of flexibility and speed, with the option to fill five different volume sizes: 200ml; 250ml; 300ml; 330ml and 350ml. Volvic’s new functional water range will be available in combismile 250ml and 330ml carton packs.

combismile from SIG is the perfect partner for premium and added-value products and offers responsible on-the-go consumption. SIG is 100% FSC™-certified which means all paperboard comes from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. combismile is also fully recyclable.

José Matthijsse, President and General Manager Europe at SIG: “Our highly convenient on-the-go combismile carton pack is designed to meet the changing demands of busy consumers, to reflect their unique tastes and personalities. Bringing true innovation to the water sector, combismile provides consumers with the perfect product and packaging mix to fit in with their hectic lifestyles, which rely on remaining fit and healthy.” 

SIG’s Product Innovation and Differentiation platform is a drive to deliver innovative product and packaging solutions that enable businesses to satisfy the ever-changing needs of consumers.

combismile has already been successfully launched in various regions of the world. The commercial roll-out of combismile will be extended to Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Japan, and further ramped up in France, after July 2021.

Source: SIG

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