Silverstone Hospitality Gears up For Formula 1

silverstone-race-day-hospitality-8.jpg__1500x1000_q85_crop_upscaleAs the Formula 1 season moves closer to the UK, Silverstone Hospitality gears up for one of the biggest events in Motor Sport, globally.

The scale of F1 at Silverstone is immense and Silverstone Hospitality have now been ambassadors of seamless catering for the event for 7 years. The company has become expert at delivering hospitality for over 8,000 people per day across 19 restaurants and 30 suites, VIP service and food above and beyond anything else in terms of size and quality in the UK.

This is a considerable undertaking each year alongside the 365-day management of the catering on site. Silverstone Hospitality are expert at managing premier service at a premier venue, managing 3,000 staff over the week, who travel 800 miles over the race weekend within the huge circuit to serve clients!

As an indication of scale, Silverstone Hospitality will hand cook and serve 12,000 Yorkshire Puddings, 1 ton of Lamb Tagine, 1,250kg of Smoked Bacon Loin and order 670kg of our specially made Silverstone Sausages.

The buffet alone uses 450kg of fresh prawns poached in white wine along with 300kg of smoked salmon.

silverstone-race-day-hospitality-4.jpg__1500x1000_q85_crop_upscaleThe customers will consume over 25,000 hand made meringue shells as Eton Mess along with 11,000 freshly made Scones with Strawberry Jam, Fresh Cream and Strawberries.

This will be washed down with over 4,000 bottles of Champagne and nearly 6,500 bottles of wine and 16,000 bottles of Carlsberg Silverstone Hospitality pride themselves in delivering great food and VIP service to their customers and succeed every year but pressure is mounting!

CEO Steven Saunders and Exec Chef Lee Scott throw them selves into the event with the help of their talented and capable team lead by Elaine Huckson the General Manager. Steven Saunders commented: “Formula 1 is at the peak of hospitality globally, from our customers to the F1 teams the expectations are sky high. They expect the best and we have consistently delivered the best over the years. It’s a testament to my team that we deliver year on year – this is part of our DNA, but as always, I am excitedly nervous and can’t wait until it’s over!”

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