Simply Seedz Porridge Pots Make It Into Kit Bags Of GB Winter Olympics Squad

Although Simply Seedz has long been used by a number of well-known athletes, cyclists and Paralympians as part of their well-balanced nutritional plan, the call from one of Team GB’s nutritionists asking Cathryn for samples as her porridge pots were under consideration was a phone call Cathryn will never forget!

‘Whilst we’ve always been positioned more as a discerning artisanal choice than a high-performance snack, everyone knows porridge’s unrivalled prowess as a high fibre, ‘slow release’ energy provider,’ comments Simply Seedz founder, Cathryn Zielinksi.  ‘Simply Seedz stands out because it uses large Scottish rolled oats and a maximum of 5 real ingredients (no needless fillers or synthetic nasties). However our biggest plus is our stubborn refusal to ever dabble with sugary milk powders (dairy free), which means our sugar footprint is negligible and athletes can make their own preferred milk choices; be that cow, oat, soy or nut.

2021 has been a fantastic year of growth for Midlands-based Simply Seedz, with both the pouch and pots formats enjoying significant growth over the last 12 months.  ‘Our traditional heartland,’ concludes Cathryn, ‘has been online and independent coffee shops, cafes and delis, however export sales, thanks to our fantastic ties with the DIT (Department of International Trade/Midlands division) has opened doors to North America, Europe and perhaps most excitingly the Middle East (UAE, Dubai…).’

Source: Simply Seedz

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