Singleton 21 & 25 – Packaged By GPA Luxury

The Singleton of Dufftown is one of the most celebrated distilleries within the Speyside region, known just as much for their special releases as for their signature stalwarts. A recent release known as Trinity Cask Harmony includes a 21-Year-Old and a 25-Year-Old, both of which have been matured in three different casks – and both of which have been packaged by the team at GPA Luxury.

Both packs have the same rigid board construction and are wrapped in embellished green-blue paper. Contour lines run around the outside of the pack, and the front flap features white and gold foils. On the side a split line reveals a sneak peek of the inner structure; by pulling on the ribbon tab, the user can open the flap and discover the full interior.

The bottle rests between two fitments wrapped in colour-matched paper, and is bordered by a wood veneer frame with carefully mitred corners. The finishing touch is the text etched onto the side of the frame, which reads “Trinity Cask Harmony” – for the 25-Year-Old this has been infilled with gold.

Source: GPA Luxury

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