SIS4ERS Launch 20CL Range To Increase Webshop Sales

Salford’s SIS4ERS DISTILLERY has launched a range 20CL bottles across its five gin flavours. 


The new ‘smaller bottles’ will be available in the brands Signature, Lime and Thyme, Strawberry, Caramel Espresso and Passion Fruit and Cardamom gins.

The gin makers are hoping the new variants will support the growing the SIS4ERS Distillery webshop, giving shoppers a more accessible volume to sample each gin in the collection. 

Each 20CL bottle is available online RRP £16.00 each. 

Lucy McAvoy, Sales and Marketing Director for SIS4ERS Distillery, said: “We are really excited to introduce 20cl bottles to the web shop and to share this line with retailers. The smaller bottles are perfect for gifting and ideal for shoppers looking to explore different flavours.”

The SIS4ERS DISTILLERY currently remains closed to the public for gin tours and tasting, operating online events only.

Lucy added: “As we remain in lockdown we are always looking for ways to give consumers more of what they want and to increase revenue from webshop sales. While our tours and tastings remain on pause the webshop is the lifeblood of our business.”

Born and bred in the heart of Salford, ‘McAvoy sisters’ Kerry Collins, Hayley Robinson, Kate Haslam, and Lucy McAvoy first launched SIS4ERS DISTILLERY in 2017.

The SIS4ERS recently launched its first range of gin and tonic pre-mixed cocktail cans. Available in two flavours, the collection includes the SIS4ERS Signature gin and Indian tonic and a SIS4ERS Strawberry gin with elderflower tonic.  

The gin makers also currently produce a charity peach gin called ‘Home At 10’ with a percentage of sales going towards So Let’s Talk hospitality charity and also produce a limited-edition cherry gin. 


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