The Jams, Jellies & Preserves category continues to grow in sales but sadly, the noble breakfast stalwart has faced a rapid, three-year decline.  The pandemic ‘home baking’ craze is long behind us and even though obesity and diabetes are now at record levels, it appears consumer buying behaviour is to move away from products ‘jam-packed’ with sugar.  

Jam: A reduction of fruits and fruit sugars (fructose) with added sugar (sucrose).  

Whilst humans may have perched at the top of the evolutionary tree for a while, our sweet tooth only evolved to help us search for calorie-dense berries when other food resources were low. The unfortunate reality is that we’re genetically not made for jam (even chocolate cake), sorry! 

That said our sweet tooth is clearly here to stay, so it’s a relief that disrupter brands like SRSLY Low Carb are now joining the Jam debate. Andy Welch, founder of SRSLY Low Carb loves jam and has 200,000+ Low Carb, No Sugar customers, so understands the need to create an array of tasty yet healthy food products.  

‘Three years of pro-active ‘No Sugar’ development knowledge has helped but our customers ultimately shape the final product. Our Jam vision was to make a nearly zero sugar alternative that mirrors a top-quality jam. From the first dollop on the toast to the lingering experience of fresh fruit flavours building towards a gentle fruit sour bite at the back of the mouth crescendo BUT with a lot less calories and sugars. 

2023 sees the official launch of SRSLY’s Mixed Berries and Raspberry jams, which are ideal for anyone watching their calories or sugar intake and any breakfast enthusiast who simply craves delicious, guilt-free, fruity spreads.   

A typical jam contains 261kcal per 100g, 69 carbs and 68 g of sugar, these SRSLY fruit-intense offerings have only 17kcals, 2.9g of net carbs and 1.9g of sugar 

Source: SRSLY

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