SRSLY’S ‘BREADY JOY’ EXTENDS INTO GENEROUSLY PROPORTIONED, LOW CARB PIZZA                                                            

SRSLY’s continues to cut its own path in terms of showcasing how a far-reaching appreciation of a low carb/high protein ketogenic lifestyle needn’t mean suppressing ones ‘bready joy’ urges.  Even for a young business that first made it name as a vociferous champion of low carb bread, rolls, fruit loaf and ‘not cross buns’ (before extending its reach into ‘fantastically foldy’ wraps and intensely fruity YET low sugar, toast-enhancing jam), better-for-you pizza probably seemed a thin based bridge too far.

And yet, if bread remains the undisputed stalwart of the blossoming SRSLY range, there’s little doubt that the Hertfordshire business’s NEW generously topped pizzas are rapidly establishing themselves as tomorrow’s shining stars.   

According to SRSLY founder, Andy Welch‘It still makes my spin to think that we’ve taken such a indulgent, fine snacking hero and given it a nutritious ketogenic reboot.  Each of our hearty 9 inch pizzas are halal-friendly and free from planet-unfriendly palm oil.  Most importantly each of our 3 deceptively fulsome flavours provide the same protein hit as steak.  By combining crisp bases, fulsome crusts and a generous layering of toppings, SRSLY pizzas are attracting significant attention both domestically and overseas.’  

If that wasn’t impressive enough SRSLY’S Spicy Chicken can even call itself HFSS compliant with an NPS rating of 1, which is crazy when you think that historically a rating of 4 or below qualified as a ‘healthy rating.’

Throw in the fact that SRSLY’s latest pizza packaging has a significantly reduced cardboard outer (swapping out a box for a cardboard strip) and you have a sinful treat that’s in tune with even your most demanding ketogenic commitments.

A typical thin & crispy pizza contains 30g to 40g of carbs per 100g. Ours contain around 10g carbs or less per 100g. This is a 67% to 75% reduction in carbs. 

Source: SRSLY

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