Success for on-demand grocery delivery service

Building on their rapid expansion,, the UK’s largest ‘on-demand’ grocery business, has now launched a first-to-market, 24-hour nationwide service which aims to deliver orders within 90 minutes of customers placing their orders.

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Following a hugely successful first half of 2020, the firm is now experiencing massive demand from customers across the lengths and breadths of the UK seeking immediate deliveries, and is registering nearly 200 new drivers a day to fulfil orders any time of day or night.

The expansion also supports 24-hour convenience stores, independent retailers and supermarkets, where customer orders are purchased before being delivered straight to their doorsteps.

Established in 2015 by Lee Parkinson and Yazan Bin Mohammad, Beelivery has proved the ideal solution for many households who appreciate the convenience and quick turnaround of a grocery delivery, especially in recent times of mass self-isolation.

Lee Parkinson, Beelivery CEO and Co-founder explains: “Due to increased demand, and awareness of Beelivery, we are now able to offer deliveries 24 hours a day across the UK. In order to meet customer order levels, extend our geographical coverage and fulfil our promise of delivery in 30-90 minutes, we brought nearly 6,000 new self-employed drivers on board to the Beelivery network in the last month.

“We now have a total of 19,000 registered drivers on hand, who undertake personal shopping journeys, visiting multiple stores where they handpick items for our customers.”

Lee continues; “We have invested heavily in cutting edge technology to deliver this unique service in the marketplace, helping those who live in remote areas or those who simply appreciate the convenience of not having to pop out for a few items.

“As word has spread, our customer base has expended considerably, with a significant proportion of orders being repeat customers, which we are delighted about as a key indication of sustainable growth. Through this growth, notably we have maintained our impressive TRUSTPILOT rating of 85% 5 Star reviews, 400% higher than any main-street supermarket’s delivery service.”

As our number of drivers increases the average distance our Beelivery drivers’ travel is now less than five miles, resulting in average delivery times falling from up to 90 minutes to a little over an hour. The unique logistics model of drivers shopping at smaller local shops, means that they avoid queues at the larger supermarkets, which also supports the continual company drive for faster delivery times.

Beelivery has also seen sales of certain goods increase significantly, above and beyond the massive proportionate increase that the company is seeing.

In the last month;

–       personal hygiene items, such as toilet roll, which has seen increased sales of 750%

–       store cupboard staples like flour which with sales rises of 600%

–       salads, with lettuce sales increasing 650%, cucumber sales by 600% and salad dressing sales by 550%

–       meats, such as chicken which has seen a 380% sales hike and beef a 280% sales hike

–       alcohol with spirit sales increasing by 125%, beer sales by 600% and wine sales by 250%

Yazan Bin Mohammad, CO-Founder and Chairman comments: “Beelivery is a marketplace community to connect those who are self-employed or out of a job with our valued customers. This great combination enables thousands of drivers to fulfil thousands of deliveries, as our company builds up to as many as 10,000 orders per day across UK.”

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Yazan continues: “I describe Beelivery as the 4th emergency service in the UK, fully on hand to deliver essentials to any location with our dynamic ASAP mode built-in as standard with each and every delivery.”

When a customer orders, Beelivery aims to find a driver very close to their address. The drivers visit the nearest convenience store or smaller supermarkets to them to purchase the products, and they can visit any shop. This means that the distance between the driver, the shop and the customer is kept to a minimum, making their service the fastest possible for quick delivery.

Beelivery offers a wide range of products from fresh and frozen meal staples such as meat, fish, bakery items, pantry items, vegetables and fruit, to snacks and alcohol, and home cleaning products.

The service is easy to use. Customers simply register for an account on or download the Beelivery App from the App Store or Google Play. There is a minimum order value of £12.00, and delivery is from £1.99.

To begin an order, customers type in their postcode in the search box on the homepage, and they will be directed through to the product order page. Here they select which products they want and then ‘Checkout’.

After payment, customers will be given a 4-digit PIN code. Customers then give this PIN to the Beelivery driver when they deliver the order.

The Beelivery team is now available to process orders 24 hours a day. Some postcode restrictions apply, please visit for more information.

Source: Beelivery

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