Taye Diggs Rallies Families To Raise A Spoon To Fight Childhood Hunger

In celebration of National Breakfast Week, Kellogg’s is making a difference by sharing breakfast with children in need. Moms and dads know that breakfast is essential to giving kids the start they need to help unlock their potential.

60063-Taye-Diggs-Headshot-originalBut not every child gets this important start to their day. In fact, nearly one in five children across the U.S. goes without breakfast every day.

That’s why Kellogg’s, and their in-school breakfast partner Action For Healthy Kids, have partnered with Taye Diggs for the third annual Share Breakfast program.

Together, they are making it easy for families to help share one million breakfasts with kids who might otherwise go without.

“The Kellogg’s Share Breakfast program is very personal and important to me. My mom was a teacher, and taught me at an early age that eating a good breakfast was key to succeeding in school,” said Diggs. “Even now, from being on set to playing with my son, eating breakfast gives me the energy I need to start the day right, and keep going.”

The Power of Breakfast in Action

Research shows that breakfast can help kick-start a child’s metabolism, energy and focus for learning and can help set them up for a more successful day.

Preliminary studies reveal that students participating in school breakfast programs generally had fewer school absences and tardiness than children who did not participate.

Together, cereal plus one cup of milk is a leading source of ten nutrients important to growing bodies, and provides all four of the nutrients Americans are missing most7 – calcium, potassium, vitamin D and fiber.**8

“So many children rely on the national School Breakfast Program to get breakfast every day. Without it, many at-risk children would not get breakfast at all,” said Action for Healthy Kids CEO Rob Bisceglie. “The Kellogg’s Share Breakfast program helps raise awareness while also allowing more children to have access.”

60063-kelloggs-infographic-originalThe power of breakfast was seen in the Great Starts videos at two schools that received grants from Action for Healthy Kids made possible by the Kellogg’s Share Breakfast program.

The inspiring stories from Cypress Elementary in Kissimmee, Fla. and Hodge Elementary in Denton, Texas can become a reality anywhere.

“At Kellogg, we strongly believe in the power of breakfast. Through Kellogg’s Share Breakfast, we can help make a difference by giving children the start they need to unlock their potential,” said Doug VanDeVelde, Kellogg senior vice president of marketing, ready-to-eat cereal. “For this year’s program, we are thrilled to partner with Taye Diggs and hope that families across the country will be inspired to help us reach our goal of sharing one million breakfasts with children in need.”

How to Join the Share Breakfast Movement

It is simple to  join the movement. For every view, share, tweet and comment of the PSA and Great Starts videos, Kellogg’s and Action for Healthy Kids will share breakfast with children in need.

Families across the country can share a breakfast with a child in need in a number of ways:

  1. Watching and sharing the Cypress Elementary and Hodge Elementary Great Starts videos on ShareBreakfast.com
  2. Sharing the public service announcement with friends
  3. Liking or commenting on the Share Breakfast Facebook page
  4. Posting on Twitter with the #ShareBreakfast
  5. Sharing and repining on Pinterest
  6. Viewing the Got Milk? Ad with Taye Diggs and his son Walker on ShareBreakfast.com
  7. Visiting spoon installation events in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. to “raise a spoon” and give a breakfast to a child in need

Visit ShareBreakfast.com to learn about all the ways families can get involved for Share Breakfast 2013.

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