THE PISHED FISH Launches Gilltong (salmon biltong) The Best Of Both Worlds

With salmon and meat-based snacks quickly establishing themselves as two beneficiaries of lockdown on account of ‘trapped-at-home’ consumers seeking out NEW, protein-rich yet permissible ‘mini splurge’ snacks that don’t skimp on indulgence, perhaps it wasn’t too surprising that The Pished Fish’s revolutionary NEW Gilltong has started taking the fish-loving fraternity by storm.

The Pished Fish

Gilltong is a clever snacking treat from The Pished Fish stable that’s halfway between jerky and biltong, but made with smoked salmon (hence Gilltong). 

Gilltong is made by taking prime fillets of smoked salmon, hand slicing them thickly before marinading them in teriyaki, honey, Tabasco sauce and black pepper. After marinading has taken place, each slice is diligently air-dried until chewy, succulent and tender. The taste is deliciously distinct, sweet, salty, a little bit spicy and oh so addictive! Gilltong is a versatile anytime treat that can be eaten in perfect isolation or in tandem with olives, imaginative salads, artisanal breads, charcuterie platters, a well-balanced cheeseboard or in tandem with pale ale.

According to The Pished Fish founder, James Eagle, ‘When I set up The Pished Fish back in 2017, the vision was very much one of showcasing salmon’s more audacious, booze-infused ambitions, stepping away from salmon’s historical ‘mild-mannered’ reputation and encouraging the undisputed king of the North Sea to cast off its inhibitions and showcase its more outlandish, rock & roll persona by pairing it with an array of high-quality spirits and botanicals before being smoked in small batches over various aromatic woods.’

The Pished Fish

What’s become clear to The Pished Fish team since lockdown is that consumers are looking to find inspiration through leaner, nutritious ‘healthier options’ that don’t short-change in terms of flavour.  Like the Sussex operation’s Uncle Sam ‘hot smoked’ salmon before (bourbon/honey blend smoked over hickory), the team wanted to showcase salmon’s more intrepid side, which is why they assembled a spicy salmon treat with a distinct ‘snacky’ leaning that provides the perfect starting point for any garden get-together, BBQ, picnic or any time sofa treat.

Source: The Pished Fish

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