There was never any question that lemongrass would be the NEW ingredient hero when Ticket called launched its eagerly anticipated low alcohol lager; a fragrant, tropical grass admired for its welcome presence in Southeast Asian cuisine (broths, curries, marinades even tea infusions) yet perfectly adept at making the transition to flavourful, non-an-alcoholic beer.

Looking past its uniquely refreshing taste and distinct uplifting benefits, lemongrass has an enviable reputation for amplifying the wow factor in other ‘hero’ ingredients, which in Ticket’s case is saffron.

As with its pale ale before, Ticket is all about creating a meticulously crafted non-alcoholic beer that mirrors the tastes, aromas and mouthfeel associated with everyday beers, but at less than 0.5% ABV.  

Besides creating refreshing, well-rounded craft beers, Ticket’s other priority is actively championing ingredients with added health and wellness benefits.  Lemongrass is universally admired for tackling digestive issues (gastrointestinal problems) including cramps and gastric ulcers.

Faeghe Solemani, Ticket co-founder feels very strongly that its perfectly plausible for any well-balanced recipe to simultaneously champion great taste and functional benefits.  ‘Like saffron before it, lemongrass has a proud track record in medicinal & wellness circles; in this particular instance supporting good immune health and digestion.  It’s a clean, lingering flavour and scent readily associated with far-flung holidays, full spread BBQs and lazy summery weekends, which is why we wanted to launch our feelgood lager at the very beginning of summer, not simply to provide greater non-alcoholic choice but also to show that we’re anything but a one-way ticket.’

Source: Ticket

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