Triballat Noyal Launches First Plant-Based Drinks Mixed With Cow Milk In SIG Carton Packs


French family business Triballat Noyal is launching a new brand of drinks called Pâquerette & Compagnie, which uniquely combines the creaminess of cow milk with the delicious flavours of plant-based ingredients, in combiblocMidi 750 ml carton pack from SIG.

Bringing something refreshingly different to the French market, Triballat Noyal will introduce three new drinks under the Pâquerette brand, with high quality ingredients and the greatest respect for animal welfare and local farmers. The new drinks are made from 50% cow’s milk, collected from Brittany, and 50% plant-based ingredients: oat, almond and hazelnut.

Triballat has always done things differently and is committed to doing what is best for both people and planet. Opening up this new product category meets changing demands from its consumers for healthy and innovative beverages. Today’s consumer wants new variety, great taste and healthy nutrition and this is why the team at Triballat Noyal came up with the idea of mixing dairy and plant-based ingredients for the first time.

The convenient, flexible and sustainable packaging and filling technology is also essential for such an innovative product launch. SIG’s filling technology provides high flexibility without compromising on speed, with an output of 12,000 packs per hour. CFA 812 filling machine from SIG provides customers such as Triballat with up to 70 packaging options – an unmatched variety of formats, volume sizes, openings and packaging material options can be filled on one filling machine for square based aseptic cartons.

Triballat can also take advantage of using industry-leading sustainable packaging materials, for example SIGNATURE Full Barrier packaging material from SIG, which further reduces the carbon footprint compared to a standard carton pack. More than 90% of the packaging material components are linked to forest-based renewable material and 100% are responsibly sourced. Next to the FSCTM-certified paperboard, the polymers are also independently certified according to ISCC PLUS. The polymers used are 100% linked to tall oil, a residue extracted from wood in paper manufacturing, via a mass balance system. SIGNATURE Full Barrier also includes an ultra-thin layer of responsibly sourced, ASI-certified aluminium, to protect the product against light and oxygen.

Noëmie Buffet, Product & Category Manager at Triballat Noyal: “Being experts in both dairy and plant-based products, this new 50/50 mix offers our consumers a great tasting yet healthy drink. SIG’s combiblocMidi carton pack has already been well received by our Sojasun and Sojade consumers and is also the perfect packaging solution for our new Pâquerette brand. This responsible, convenient and visually appealing packaging enables us to stand out in retail and offer the very best in sustainability for our consumers.”

Efficiency, flexibility and differentiation are key issues in the food and beverage industry. This not only applies to product development but also, just as importantly, to the type of packaging and filling technology used.

François Dieulouard, Key Account Manager at SIG: “Working in close partnership, we are able to help the passionate family business Triballat to rapidly adapt to changing demands for innovative products from its consumers. Our flexible filling technology enables new product categories like Pâquerette to successfully launch to market quickly and in the right packaging.”

The partnership between SIG and Triballat Noyal offers true product innovation and differentiation, delivering innovative product and packaging solutions that enable businesses to satisfy ever-changing needs.

Source: SIG

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