UK Branding Agency Tackling COVID-19 Head On

With the UK entering its first week in lockdown, many businesses have hit the brakes on all fronts. We are seeing plenty of companies batten down the hatches, waiting for the storm to pass. This is a perfectly reasonable reaction to the uncertainty of COVID-19, and for many it is the only way to survive. 

However, Kingdom & Sparrow, an award-winning Falmouth branding agency, are seeking out what silver linings they can. Working with numerous innovative clients from start-ups to FMCG brands, they have identified ways to make this period of uncertainty more hopeful. For the food and drink industry in particular, whilst pub and restaurant trade has slowed, consumers are reallocating their money to luxury products in supermarkets and online – and although this will be a difficult time for every business, Kingdom & Sparrow are of the mindset that those who can, should seek out opportunity to look inward and get creative with their business. 

Leading by example, the agency behind the new Young’s beer rebrand and Curio gin aren’t shying away from the challenges that COVID-19 presents. Kingdom & Sparrow are wrestling this trying time into a unique chance to get their business ready for the end of this period – whenever that may be. Rather than lay staff off, they have been hiring, amassing the troops to fight for their growing business and take them to the next level.

One of the new additions to their team of ten is a Communications Manager who is tasked with devising a solid marketing strategy to give Kingdom & Sparrow a head start on business at the end of this strange time. With design and branding still ongoing, a new designer has joined the team too, a new hiring that brings experience and talent to their already highly creative group of illustrators, designers, and artists.

In addition to hiring, the ongoing support of team members is of paramount importance, with the directors demonstrating total transparency regarding all internal matters and maintaining a positive, productive way of working. Working from home has proven a smooth and successful transition, with daily video conference meetings ensuring everyone is coping well with such a drastic lifestyle change. For clients, as far as Kingdom & Sparrow are concerned, it is business as normal. 

With a growing client base, and a growing team, Kingdom & Sparrow are leading the charge with positive vibes only during this period of unrest, and are getting ready to come out of COVID-19 stronger than ever.

Source: Kingdom & Sparrow

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