UK’s first insect-based seasoning range launches nationwide

Superfood sustainable seasonings made of 50% cricket powder + 50% seasoning mix. No taste, sight or smell of crickets detectable. High in protein, vitamin B12, iron, potassium, Omega-3, fibre and contains all nine essential amino acids.

Short-Horn Super Seasonings, the UK’s first-ever insect and cricket-based seasoning range, has launched and it doesn’t taste or smell of crickets.

Short-Horn Super Seasonings Taco Mix Recipe

Unlike any other edible insect product, Short-Horn Super Seasonings combine 50 percent nutrient-dense Acheta Domesticus cricket powder with 50 percent seasoning mix to offer easy, tasty and enhanced nutrition to dishes.

Set to revolutionise meal times, the three launch flavours are The Taco Mix, The Harissa Mix and The Chinese 5+ Spice Mix (£4.99 for 60g). Packed with vitamins and minerals, each superfood mix is high in protein, vitamin B12, iron, potassium, Omega-3, fibre and contains all nine essential amino acids. By simply adding the seasonings to meals and snacks throughout the day, Brits can easily smash their RDA’s1.

Pioneering a new approach to entomophagy (eating insects), Short-Horn makes ethically UK sourced crickets palatable by roasting and grinding them down into a fine powder before mixing in bold aromatic flavours from around the world. The process ensures any sight, taste or smell of crickets are removed, and the super seasonings can easily be sprinkled over any dish or used as a marinade or rub.

Available nationwide delivered straight to your letterbox, Short-Horn provides an accessible, delicious and sustainable superfood solution for an alternative protein source with enhanced nutrition.

Short-Horn Super Seasonings Taco Mix Recipe

Harry Wright, Co-Founder of Short-Horn Super Seasonings, says: “Trying to consistently hit your recommended daily intakes can feel like a bit of a faff, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible to add more nutrition, vitamins and minerals to meals, whilst also enjoying those big, bold flavours that we all know and love.

“Despite the incredible nutrition crickets offer and the fact so many people eat insects across the globe, we understand some people may still find the idea challenging, so we’ve made it our mission to create a first of its kind seasoning with none of the bush tucker trial vibes. We want to introduce the Western world to the positive effects of entomophagy, and to act as a stepping stone into a new world of alternative protein and enhanced nutrition.”

Short-Horn Super Seasonings Taco Mix Recipe

Adam Banks, Director of The Woven Network, the UK’s network for insects as food and feed, says crickets should be considered for regular consumption: “Many people are now aware crickets are an excellent source of protein, but that is just half the story. They also contain the ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids; are very low in carbohydrates with no sugar; have high levels of bioavailable minerals and essential vitamins such as B2 and B12. Studies have shown cricket powder to have five times the antioxidant capacity of fresh orange juice and cricket consumption has been clinically shown to support the growth of good probiotic bacteria.”

The launch comes as a recent report predicts the edible insects market is expected to reach $4.43 billion by 2027 (Research and Markets 2021) and the European Union last month took a major step in declaring mealworms as ‘safe to eat’ as a sustainable source of protein for human consumption (European Food Safety Authority 2021).

Short-Horn Super Seasonings Taco Mix Recipe

The range is free from artificial preservatives, colours, flavourings and anti-caking agents. The crickets are 100% traceable, farmed and processed in the UK.

Short-Horn Super Seasonings is available now in The Taco Mix, The Harissa Mix and The Chinese 5+ Spice Mix flavours priced £4.99 each for a 60g pouch. Available nationwide with free delivery at

Source: Short-Horn Super Seasonings

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