UKU – A Peruvian Brand Of Chilli Paste Created For The European Market.

Due to the boom of Peruvian gastronomy in the world, Taste of Peru, a Peruvian-Danish Company, created a chili paste brand with a soft spicy flavor perfect for Peruvian cuisine, no matter if you are a chef or an amateur cook. The challenge was to design a brand that captures the essence of Peruvian culture and, at the same time, would be an attractive product for consumers.

For the research we immerse ourselves in the Peruvian culture focusing on the gastronomy origins and where do the chili pepper comes from. This is how we discovered the Uku Pacha legend. The story goes that in Inca mythology the underworld was called Uku Pacha. A place that began just below the earth’s surface and extended to the depths of the sea. Chili pepper, like potatoes and yucca, are grown on the ground or rather in Uku Pacha. Thus the name Uku was born. Only the meaning of the name is able to impregnate the brand of inca culture mystique.

The packaging is a perfect representation of all these elements. We add an additional element to the identity that are the masks, these are a representation of the Mythological God Supay who governs in the Uku Pacha. Each mask represents one of the products and connotes meanings such as spicy, flavor, fire and seasoning, which are very typical of Peruvian cuisine.

The concept is unique and so different for the Danish market. Chili paste it ́s a generic product in Peru, and you could buy it in every market place without a brand. Entering the European market with a generic product implied the development of a brand that connects with the public through the Peruvian attributes.

The final result is a brand with solid Peruvian roots identity, with mysticism and passion

Source: Vedoble Estudio

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