Urban Eat Christmas Range Delights Hungry Shoppers

The UK’s favourite sandwich brand, URBAN eat, is launching a Christmas Range of sandwiches that is guaranteed to satisfy hungry shoppers in the festive season, according to newly released sales figures.

The streamlined range of limited edition tasty treats now includes Turkey Feast, Turkey, Bacon and Stuffing, a Piggies Under Blankets sub roll and a Brie and Cranberry Wrap, all presented in a festive themed packaging design to catch customers’ eyes.

It proved highly popular satisfying Christmas shoppers’ hunger in 2016, with more than 10,000 Turkey Feast sandwiches and 9,000 Turkey, Bacon and Stuffing sandwiches selling during the peak trading week (mid December) last year.

As a result, URBAN eat will again be offering the range to forecourts, cafés and convenience stores in 2017, with a new and improved recipe for the Brie and Cranberry wrap.

Isla Owen, senior marketing manager for URBAN eat, says: “Excitement is building and our high-selling range is sure to get consumers in the festive spirit early.

“These tried and tested favourites capture the magic of the season and this themed range gives retailers the opportunity to take advantage of what’s long been a thriving market. And with such proven popularity, it really is never too early to be thinking about what’s on the menu for Christmas.”

The URBAN eat festive range has a recommended retail price (RRP) of £1.99 to £3.49. Forecourts, cafes and convenience stores can choose to stock some or all of the range:

· Turkey Feast Sandwich

· Turkey, Bacon and Stuffing Sandwich

· Brie and Cranberry Wrap

· Piggies Under Blankets Sub roll

Source: URBAN eat

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