Virginia’s Most-Awarded Whisky Announces UK Launch

Catoctin Creek Distilling Company has announced January 2021 as the UK launch for Roundstone Rye; Virginia’s most-awarded whisky receiving over one hundred awards and accolades. 

In Loudoun County, in the north of Virginia, lush plains and meandering rivers work their way down rolling hills from snow-peaked mountains to Purcellville where Catoctin Creek Distilling Company sits on Main Street. This is the home to Virginia’s most-awarded whisky that embodies the very essence of the birthplace of American whisky of 1607.

The craft distillery made a name for itself as the first legal distillery in Loudoun Coundaty to open since Prohibition and respects their incredible history by using pre-Prohibition methods to create their award winning whisky. This small-scale pre-Prohibition distillation method of using home-sized pot stills, local grain and family recipes, has benefited from the incorporation of modern knowledge and technology resulting in over one hundred awards and accolades for their Roundstone Rye. 

UK consumers will be able to purchase Roundstone Rye in the three editions of 80 Proof, Distiller’s Edition 92 Proof and Cask Proof from ten retailers including Masters of Malt, The Whisky Exchange and Native Spirits priced from £37 (rrp).

Roundstone Rye has a delicious woody taste, with notes of caramel, rich butter toffee, with a hint of lemon in the nose. Ageing in new charred white oak casks gives the whisky the smooth woody note and a true grain character of a  traditional American rye whisky. It is superb in Manhattans or your favourite rye whisky cocktails as well as superb for sipping.

Catoctin Creek Distilling Company is inviting those not taking part in Dry January to join them to celebrate the inaugural Rye January to mark the UK launch and their strong links to Prohibition. From January consumers are invited to a virtual Virginia via the Catoctin Creek website ( through specially filmed guided tastings, a potted history of Virginia, Rye, and the Prohibition, a virtual tour of the distillery or enjoying a sip while listening to a curated #RyeJanuary Spotify playlist.

Source: Catoctin Creek Distilling

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