Well&Truly Launch Plant Based And Ethical Creamy Oat Milk Chocolate

Well&Truly, one of the fastest growing snack brands in the UK known for their wickedly addictive crisps, is about to reveal their sweeter side with the launch of their vegan and ethical chocolate. In true more-ish fashion, Well&Truly are entering the confectionery category with not one, but three variants of their brand new chocolate range. Made using oat milk, the bars are ma-hoof-sive step in the right direction for plant-based indulgence. And as a company focused on taste and flavour, it’s no surprise that this chocolate is packed with delicious inclusions that will have taste buds on the edge of their seats.

The new Well&Truly range will feature chocolate bars made with an oat milk base in three flavors: Oat M&lk, Salted Caramel, and Caramelised Hazelnuts. Oat milk is extremely popular with consumers who are trying to cut down their dairy consumption, as well as those who just love the taste! The smoothness of the milk is a great match for the fine Colombian cocoa, which together create a delicious plant-based alternative to premium milk chocolate.

This new range is part of Well&Truly’s commitment to bring flavour, innovation and a touch of naughtiness to plant-based snacks, savoury and sweet. 

Sara Trechman, co-founder of Well&Truly explained, “The popularity of oat milk has sky-rocketed over the last year. Consumers looking for dairy free chocolate, which is still indulgent, have turned to oat milk products to satisfy their taste buds, with sales surging more than 70%. Existing plant-based chocolate options to date have mainly consisted of high-quality dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 50% or more. Now, due to oat milk’s creamy consistency, plant-based consumers can indulge in a range of milk chocolates too.”

The Well&Truly chocolate bars will be wrapped in fully recyclable packaging, but not strictly edible so chocolate lovers should resist any urges to eat the bar whole. The brand’s bold packaging and insightful messaging on the chocolate itself will bring a sense of humour to the category and be an excuse to hang out in the chocolate aisle.

Well&Truly call their chocolate ‘naughty-ish’ – just that little bit naughty. What makes their chocolate naughty is the smooth creamy taste and the indulgent inclusions. What stops their chocolate from being totally sinful is that it is nice to the world, plant-based & produced with sustainable practices.

The naughty-ish brand persona was launched in 2020 by the one and only Gemma Collins who is just as unashamed as Well&Truly snacks. The cheeky campaign brought to life the mission of the brand– snacks that aren’t bad for you but taste so naughty they should be.

You can find the new chocolate bars stocked on their website and soon in major retailers. Then, in secret stashes and around the mouths of people all over the UK.

Source: Well&Truly

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