WHOLE EARTH Boosts Innovative Drizzler With Major New Campaign


Whole Earth, the UK’s number one peanut butter, is championing its most innovative product launch to date, Drizzler, in a major new national advertising campaign.

With an overall investment of £1.5M, Whole Earth is set to take Drizzler to the next level with a wide-reaching campaign that brings to life Drizzler’s unique squeezy bottle and ease-of-use – encouraging consumers to rethink how they use peanut butter.

The first and only squeezy peanut butter in UK shops, Whole Earth Drizzler hit shelves in April, securing listings in all major supermarkets over the summer supported by PR, influencer and social media activity. Building on a successful launch, the new advertising campaign marks the next phase for the inventive product, as the brand seeks to reach new people in new places.

Three different designs will feature at national out-of-home sites up and down the country on roadsides, railway stations and bus shelters and at large format fame sites in major cities such as Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. The campaign goes live from late September and will run for six weeks, supported by a social advertising and influencer campaign to amplify interest.

Anchored on its strapline, ‘peanut butter but not as you know it’, the creative visually showcases the super smooth, drizzly texture of Whole Earth Drizzler. Mimicking consumer shock and awe at the product’s capabilities, the playful text says “Well I never”, “Golly gosh”, and “Goodness me”, written in peanut butter by  simply shaking, squeezing and drizzling.

The campaign is eyed to reach 50% of the UK adult population a minimum of three times, in line with Whole Earth’s target to gain further traction and build more excitement for Drizzler in its next stage.

Bryan Martins, Whole Earth Marketing & Category Director at Ecotone UK, said: 

“Having already enjoyed a successful launch, we wanted to engage and excite people in real-life locations with eye-catching visuals that depict Drizzler’s unique squeezy bottle and convenience. With no spoon or knife required, consumers can simply squeeze over any dish to add the great taste of peanut butter without the mess or fuss.

“We’re looking forward to bringing our game-changing product innovation to more people with this campaign, introducing a new way to enjoy peanut butter never seen before in the nut butter category. Whole Earth is a market leader in its category, evolving the peanut butter occasion and broadening its audience.”

Available in two varieties: Classic Roasted Super Smooth Peanut Butter and Golden Roasted Super Smooth Peanut Butter: 320g, £3.30 RRP, Whole Earth Drizzler is made from 100% nuts, contains no added sugar and is suitable for vegans. It is now available in Tesco, JS, Asda, Waitrose, Ocado, Spar, and across health food stores nationwide.

Part of Whole Earth’s mission to make food that is good for you in a sustainable way, Whole Earth Drizzler comes in a bottle made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again. 

Source: Whole Earth

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