Yakult Appoint Brothers and Sisters as New Creative Agency for the Yakult Group in Europe

Yakult, the Japanese probiotic dairy drink manufacturer,  has appointed Brothers and Sisters as their main creative partner across Europe, after a seven agency, six-month pitch process that involved agencies from UK, Germany, Netherlands and Italy. 

Matt Charlton CEO of Brothers and Sisters said, “ We are delighted to be working with such a unique brand and company as Yakult, who not only have a great product but have wonderful ethics and care at their heart.”

Minoru Osada, European Commercial Director from Yakult said  “We have been searching for a unique partner to help us deliver a strong creative communication platform across Europe. During the pitch process Brothers and Sisters proved to us that they understand the brand and our unique company heritage, to be able to work well with us to deliver an exciting proposition.” 

Source: Brothers & Sisters

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