The underlying messages that fall out of the very latest Nielsen Jams & Spreads data (£12.5m fewer kilos sold over last 12 mths/3 of top 5 providers in decline) is that this historically stoic and until recently dependable product category needs to mend its ways in terms of meeting today’s healthier living aspirations.

It wasn’t so long ago that chocolate spreads of a nutty disposition were making their move with jams increasingly seen as both old-fashioned and an irresponsible sugar hit.  The only problem was that the world’s No.1 hazelnut spread was seen to contain the equivalent of 56 sugar cubes per jar, which puts even an average full-fat soft drink to shame.  Sugar reduced rivals came to the fore but unfortunately a reduction in sugar tended to result in diminishing returns. 

Finally there is a quality alternative in the shape of Yummtella, a sugar-free/keto-friendly nut spread alternative that also meets the distinct needs of the low carb/high protein, gluten-free, vegan communities, whilst refusing to deal with dubious palm oil, sweeteners & preservatives bulkers OR even maltitol that many brands use as sneaky sugar ‘via the back door’ alternative.  

Yummtella was crafted by food entrepreneur and type 1 diabetic, Joulie Gindi who wanted to create a low carb/high raw protein choc spread that offered the perfect blend of sweet taste meets superior ingredients (without resorting to unwelcome seed oils) packed with beneficial minerals and vitamins.

According to Joulie, ‘We’ve exciting retail/online opportunities to share over the coming weeks for our modish spread in 2023 having spent a lion’s share of 2022 building a passionate D2C following whilst commissioning our stunning new packaging.’

Source: Yummzy

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