A Cocktail That Tastes Like Kissing A Freshly Shaved Man Smoking A Cigarette

Skin1‘Lickable Skin’ is a cocktail created by Play, a bar opened by the Museum of Sex in New York City, and it tastes like “kissing a man who has just shaved and smoked a cigarette”.

The unusual drink was the creation of Dutch artist Bart Hess, and is his first food art piece which is part of an on-going experiment with liquids.

The cocktail is a thick, opaque white liquid that arrives served on a flat black plate, and diners drink it by licking or slurping it up.

Hess explains that he wanted to capture the awkward feeling one gets when ordering a drink that doesn’t turn out as expected. “The whole experience should be this point where you want to lick it, but you’re not really sure if you want to… I like to play with the notion of being awkward and the sensation of awkwardness.”

No word yet on how diners have taken to it as it wasn’t served at the bar’s opening last week, but gutsy visitors will be able order the kinky concoction on nights it is available.


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