A ‘Drinkable Book’ That Filters Deadly Bacteria From Contaminated Water

It is a known fact: water is life. Without it, we humans will not be able to survive. Some of us take it for granted, but there are places in the world where clean drinking water is not always accessible.

To help these “at-risk populations,” DDB New York and Water Is Life have teamed up to create a ‘Drinkable Book’ that not only educates people on proper sanitation and water hygiene, but also provides a way to filter and purify contaminated water.

Printed on “technologically advance filter paper”, each page in the book is coated with silver nanoparticles.

When contaminated water passes through a page, the silver ions will actively kill 99.99% of water borne bacteria and diseases like “cholera, typhoid and E.coli”, leaving the filtered water safe to drink.

Unlike other expensive water filtration systems, the ‘Drinkable Book’ only cost a few pennies to produce and a single book is capable of providing someone with clean drinking water for up to four years.

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