adam&eveDDB celebrates more time with your cat with new TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrrr-ee.

Extra time with your cat is something every cat owner craves. Cats love to give affection, but only on their terms. With this delicious new treat, those special bonding moments last even longer…which could get out of hand

Created by adam&eveDDB and directed by Benji Weinstein from Smuggler, the film was remotely produced in Canada, during lockdown.

The film is available to watch online. It will also be supported by campaign activity in the US via social, PR, e-comm and with a suite of influencers who demonstrate how much extra time you can spend with your cat, it opens up a whole new world of treating to our cat loving audience.


Creative Director: Brad Woolf

Creative Director: Dan Bailey

Creative Director: Ben Stilitz

Creative Director: Colin Booth

Chief Creative Officer: Rick Brim

Producer: Michael McCarthy

Gutenberg Global producers: Eleonora Busia and Charlotte O’Reilly

Digital Producer: Tom Clift

Planner: Kit Owens

Senior Planner: Jack Spicer

Head of Planning: Milla McPhee

Social Creative: Phoebe Wright

Social Director: Bex Wilson

Head of Content: Jess Taylor

Project Manager: Alice Southam

Account Executive: Alizee Lawson

Account Manager: Harriet Carter

Account Manager: Clive Olamiju

Account Director: Sarah Cornish

Business Director: Loella Collier

Business Lead: Charlotte Cook

Managing Director: Fiona McArthur

Smuggler London | Steam Toronto

Director: Benji Weinstein

Producer: Barty Dearden (Smuggler)

Line Producer: Christopher Scherk (Steam) 

Executive Producer: Sara Wallace

MD: Fergus Brown


Source: adam&eveDDB

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