An Evolved Identity & Messaging For Optimal Health Pioneer, Hunter & Gather

(In October ’20, Hunter & Gather unveils its NEW vibrant, all-encompassing brand identity)

‘Optimal Health’ pioneer, Hunter & Gather has enjoyed meteoric growth over the last three years, going from kitchen table start-up to over £2.5 Million in expected retail sales!   And yet, co-founders Amy Moring & Jeff Webster have long craved some strategic downtime to review, reassess and refine the umbrella identity and language of their rapidly evolving range, which has grown exponentially from 2 products to 10 products since the brands launch back in 2017.

Hunter & Gather is a dynamic, category leader with a far-reaching product range that contests a number of distinct yet intrinsically ‘set in their ways’ categories, providing superior, ‘Optimal Health’ choices, from clean-deck cooking oils and condiments to supplementary MCT oil, Collagen peptides and raw Icelandic lamb, real food supplements.  

According to co-founder, Amy Moring, ‘The recent lockdown provided the perfect opportunity for us to develop a dynamic and cohesive new look, strapline and hierarchy of messages that underpins our stance as an Optimal Health Brand that provides you with the tools you need to thrive.  

Since launching, Hunter & Gather we’ve forged strong ties with our customers, listening to their distinct needs, aspirations and ultimately pinpointing what they most love about the brand. It came back to the fundamentals of seeking optimal health products they could trust.

Our transition from small start-up to International operator and supermarket stalwarts has come a lot faster than even we could have anticipated, meaning it was imperative we spent time fostering a bold and clear identity, which heightens our shelf presence whilst amplifying key messages; such as our ongoing commitment to best-in-class, ‘real’ food ingredients & a sugar-free, grain-free, seed oil-free lifestyle.’ 

With YET further range innovation (4 new products!) and new stockists due to be unveiled this Autumn, this award-winning SME is proud to have bedded down a distinct brand identity that can effortlessly accommodate future range growth, whilst shining a light on their proud ‘free-from’ and ‘less-is-more’ ingredient pledges. 

Source: Hunter & Gather

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