Award-Winning Chef John Besh Launches Besh Box

JOHN BESH BESH BOXNew Orleans native, award-winning chef and author of the newly released cookbook Cooking from the Heart, John Besh is pleased to announce the launch of his monthly, subscription based, hand-picked gourmet cooking kit, aptly called Besh Box.

Created out of his love of sharing food, Besh Box will ship directly to foodies and home cooks across the country containing a selection of John’s favorite recipes, specialty ingredients, kitchen tools, suggested drink pairings and music to help enhance the experience of cooking.

When possible, Besh Box will include local, artisan and small-batch items that introduce subscribers to some of John’s favorite new products, secret old stand-bys and purveyors of awesome goods.

“It’s all about creating a dialogue and connecting in a meaningful way through these cooking lessons,” said John Besh. “Each month, I will bring to you the ingredients and tools that I have fallen in love with over the years along with the recipes and tips you need to create, not only the recipe in the box, but so many others, passing on my soul to you through food.”

Each Besh Box will feature personally-selected items based on different themes, such as “Holidays from the Heart,” “Mardi Gras” and “The Big Game,” giving recipients a true sneak peek into how John celebrates each of these events himself.

In addition, John is working with promotional partners and media supporters to create opportunities for subscribers to gather together to cook the monthly recipe offerings along with him via social media platforms.

The Besh Box is available solely online and can ship nationwide by visiting

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