Barilla celebrates tables from all over the world with a new commercial signed by Publicis Italy

From 21 September the TV and digital campaign will be on air in 18 Countries

Barilla, the world’s leading pasta brand, is launching a new international communication campaign signed by Publicis Italy. It will be on air from September 21 in 18 Countries: Austria, Bosnia, Canada, Croatia, Francie, Germany, Greece, Hungary, KSA, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, US. With this new project Barilla strengthens its message of closeness to people’s everyday life and of confidence for the future.

These past months have completely changed people’s habits. The house has become the sole hub of many activities that we used to do outside. This has often transformed the original scope of many objects, but at the same time it has allowed us to rediscover the pleasure of sitting around the table. This is the setting for the new international film produced by BRW and shot between Budapest and Rome by the award-winning advertising director Reynald Gresset, known for his stylistic approach attentive to the aesthetics and vibrant tension of the images.

The main characters are tables all around the world, depicted in their day to day life, with people using them to work on their laptops, to mark homework, to work out or even as a drum kit. Creativity develops through an evocative and emotional crescendo, marked by the notes of Beautiful That Way, the soundtrack of Roberto Benigni’s film “La vita è bella”, signed by Nicola Piovani for which he was awarded one of the three Oscars won by the film. A timeless masterpiece that represents the beauty of Italian culture on an international level. A hymn to life, to restart, to hope that finds full expression, together with the distinctive values of the brand, in the final scene of the commercial.

When a bowl of pasta enters the stage, the table turns back into conviviality, warmth, family and friends. Not just a simple table, but home, as the line says “Barilla. The Italian art of turning tables into home since 1877”. 

The spot, available in 10’’, 15’’, 30’’ and 60’’ formats, will be broadcast on television and digital channels with a media mix tailored to the various local realities.

«With this campaign we wanted to put the everyday life of tables around the world at the center. In this difficult period they have been used and experienced in the most varied and unusual ways, but it is when a bowl of pasta comes to the table that the loved ones get together and re-appreciate the meaning of “home”. It is a message of closeness and trust for the future» – said Gianluca Di Tondo, Barilla Chief Marketing Officer

«During the lockdown Barilla has once again become the brand that represents Italy and its values not only for Italians but also abroad. We saw people from all over the world gather around a bowl of pasta and today in this new film we wanted to remember how Barilla can represent a way to feel at home, now more than ever. The role of pasta becomes central again because it is a food capable of gratifying us emotionally and recovering the social dimension» – said Cristiana Boccassini, Chief Creative Officer di Publicis Italia.


Film Credits

Creative Agency: Publicis Italy

Global CCO Publicis WW: Bruno Bertelli

CCO Publicis Italy: Cristiana Boccassini

Executive Creative Director: Michele Picci

Executive Creative Director: Hugo Gallardo

Creative Director – Copywriter: Michela Talamona

Creative Director – Art Director: Fabrizio Tamagni

Client Service Director: Giada Salerno

Account Manager: Mirko De Martini; Dario Gambera

International Coordinator: Sophie Chrétien- David Pagnoni

Film Producer: Manuela Fidenzi; Alessio Alberto Zazzera

Editor: Stuart Greenwald

Color Grading: Julien Alary

Post Production: Tex Milano

Mix Audio: Top Digital

Digital Strategy

Head of Social: Alessandro Bochicchio

Associate Creative Director – Copywriter: Stefano Zanoni

Creative Supervisor – Art Director: Roberto Ardigò

Jr. Copywriter: Stefania Abbate

Jr. Art director: Simone Bertuccio

Client Service Director: Giada Salerno

Account Manager: Mirko De Martini; Dario Gambera

Film Production

Director: Reynald Gresset

Production company: BRW

Executive Producer: Luca Orlando

Producer: Stefania Cervellin

DOP: Matias Boucard

Stylist: Diamante Cavalli

Casting: Face And Place

Make-up: Giulio Franzò

Hair: Silvia Ciucci

Set Design: Paolo Monzeglio


Title: La Vita è Bella

Author: Nicola Piovani

Re-Recording: Ferdinando Arnò

Music Supervision: Ferdinando Arnò

Executive Producer: Alessandra Teatini

Licensing: quiet, please!

Publishing: Tentacoli Edizioni Musicali



Which creative agency signed the campaign?

The campaign is signed by Publicis Italy, the 7th most awarded agency in the world according to the WARK Creative 100. It is the same agency that collaborated with Barilla for the emotional video with the voice of Sophia Lauren launched last April to express its immense “Thank You” to all those who support Italy during the Covid-19 emergency.

Who directed it?

The campaign is directed by Reynald Gresset, an award-winning advertising director known for his stylistic approach attentive to the aesthetic and vibrant tension of images. He was chosen because his stylistic trait is the one that best expresses the campaign’s message in an emotional way.

Where did you shoot it?

The commercial was shot between Rome and Budapest. The narration suggests a tour of the tables around the world, depicted in their day-to-day life, with people using them to work on their laptops, to mark homework, to work out or even as a drum kit.

Which is the production company?

The film was produced by the Italian production company BRW Filmland.

Which soundtrack has been chosen for this commercial?

The soundtrack chosen for the campaign is Beautiful That Way from Roberto Benigni’s film “La vita è bella”, signed by Nicola Piovani for which he was awarded an Oscar in 1999.

How did you choose this soundtrack?

The soundtrack was chosen because it stands out for its simple melody, which comes into contact with people’s feelings and emotions. A music that we considered suitable to accompany the message of closeness and new hope that Barilla wants to convey in this particular moment.

It’s a soundtrack taken from an Italian Oscar winning film which tackles an important subject like the HolocaustWhy was it chosen?

The song chosen, Beautiful That Way, is taken from the Oscar film by Roberto Benigni, who received three statuettes in 1999, one of which as the best soundtrack thanks to the music written by Nicola Piovani. Over the years the song has established itself as a timeless musical masterpiece and is universally recognized as a hymn of hope, which is addressed to all those who are facing a difficult moment, instilling courage and confidence. A positive message of rebirth, in a global context characterized by changes and uncertainties. Below we propose the lyrics of the song whose words invite you to smile because life is beautiful even in adversity:

Smile, without a reason why

Love, as if you were a child

Smile, no matter what they tell you

Don’t listen to a word they say

‘Cause life is beautiful that way

Tears, a tidal wave of tears

Light that slowly disappears

Wait, before you close the curtain

There’s still another game to play

And life is beautiful that way

Here, in his eyes forever more

I will always be as close

As you remember from before

Now, that you’re out there on your own

Remember, what is real

And what we dream is love alone

Keep the laughter in your eyes

Soon, your long awaited prize

We’ll forget about our sorrow

And think about a brighter day

‘Cause life is beautiful that way

We’ll forget about our sorrow

And think about a brighter day

‘Cause life is beautiful that way

Before you close the curtain

There’s still another game to play

And life is beautiful that way

Where did you shoot it? How did you manage to organize the shooting considering the Covid restrictions? Which were the security measures taken?

The spot was filmed in August, outside the lockdown period for both countries (Italy and Hungary). Covid procedures – established by trade associations – were adopted on both the set: temperature measurement at every entrance points; single portion catering; use of FF2 mask; appointment of a person in charge for the implementation and control of the above mentioned measures; distance within the perimeter of 1,5 mt; extra protection measures for make-up artists, hairdressers and seamstresses.

In some scenes of the commercial there are children. Have you followed a particular ethical code to ensure their protection?

The commercial features three children respectively in Manchester (age group under 3), Madrid (3-6 years) and Budapest (6-15 years) scenes. The provisions on the protection of minors for film shoots (law 977/1967) were completely respected. These include particular prescriptions to be observed depending on the age of the child in addition to the general ones concerning health and psycho-physical integrity, morality, compliance with compulsory schooling, working hours and rest. The commercial was shot in a location suitable for the well-being and psycho-physical health of children and in full compliance with the rules. 

Can you confirm us that the boy in that scene of the 60sec format (00:29) is playing with a shark toy and not a real fish ? Yes, it’s a shark toy. 

In Italy Pasta Barilla has a new blue packaging. In the world it maintains the traditional blue colour. Why this choice?

It is a strategic judgment call based on the needs of each specific market. In Italy Barilla has renewed its classic pasta, now more full-bodied and made entirely with selected Italian durum wheat. By celebrating this moment as the result of a 30-year long supply chain project, the packaging has also been renewed, which is now bright blue, the color of the Italian sky under which it is produced. In the rest of the world the classic pasta line maintains its visual identity with the iconic blue. 

Why Rogerer Feder, Barilla’s Global Brand Ambassador, does not appear in this campaign?

Rogerer Federer, considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time, has been the protagonist of a recent activity, THE ROOFTOP MATCH WITH ROGER FEDERER, which is part of the same global communication plan of Barilla, and which together with the “Tables” campaign brings a message of closeness to the everyday life of people. Federer is and remains the ambassador of our brand in the world, it is in fact a long-term partnership. He is the number one in sport and carries important values for Barilla such as reliability, constant commitment, respect and passion.

Why isn’t the campaign on air in Italy?

In Italy at the moment is on air the campaign aimed exclusively at the Italian market dedicated to the launch of the new packaging and the new 100% Italian wheat pasta.

Source: Publicis Italy

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