B&B studio rebrands conscious coffee company Mozzo with new brand positioning, identity and packaging designed to cut through a crowded ‘purposeful’ category.

B&B has collaborated with the much-loved independent coffee brand Mozzo, aiming to shine a light on the business’s consistent and impactful work with coffee-growing communities. What makes Mozzo different to a majority of ethically-positioned coffee brands, is that a fixed social dividend is built into its business model, ensuring constant accountability and continued investment into their C2C Fund with every coffee bean sold.

Since 2015, the brand has funded the build and first year’s operation of a maternity clinic on Idjwi Island, DRC, and helped coffee farmers in DRC found their own start-up co- operative, empowering them to manage their own production and introduce sustainable growing practices. Mozzo is currently working on new projects with its coffee growers in Nicaragua.


The new branding is centred around a core tagline – Coffee. Community. Connection. – that boldly states Mozzo’s key commitments. The brand sees itself as a catalyst for connection, using its brand as a social hub to bring together coffee growers, coffee makers and coffee drinkers. A dynamic new logo, designed with digital animation in mind, reflects the idea of connection through an extended Z, and seeks to present Mozzo Coffee as a platform for communication. In addition, the brand’s social enterprise – the C2C FundTM – has a new logo that echoes the mother brand by featuring an extended 2.

The new branding is brought to life with a unique and exciting colour palette, contrasting a fresh mint green with a bright orange, creating instant recognition from the coffee shop shelf. A suite of complementary colours are used to differentiate the range, which features both signature blends, single origin coffees and seasonal editions across roast and ground beans, pods and coffee bags.

A collection of illustrations, hand-drawn in-house at B&B, have been created to interact with the Mozzo logo and align with the brand’s key messages – from creativity to culture to conversation. In addition, a set of ‘cup’ illustrations visually captures Mozzo’s world, and can be endlessly redrawn to communicate seasonal occasions or events.


“The existing Mozzo identity took its cues from the world of Italian coffee,” explains B&B Associate Creative Director Jennie Potts, “but as a result it was hard to differentiate it from a lot of other brands and it had started to feel quite generic. We wanted to revitalise Mozzo, bringing back the energy it had back in 2005, when it launched as a wind and solar-powered coffee cart covered in community art. Being given the freedom to go back to the drawing board was a bold move for our client, but so true to their character – Mozzo is absolutely all about bravery and integrity.”

Mozzo’s Director of Brand, Kimberley Evans, adds: “B&B truly understood what Mozzo stands for from the off, and have brought our values front and centre with this bold and progressive new identity. When it comes to coffee, we feel that it’s impossible to separate product from purpose – we have a responsibility to our growers who are working in some of the world’s poorest countries. Our highest hope for the rebrand is that we’re able to sell more, to do more – that’s what it’s all about.”

Mozzo Coffee is available to buy online, and can be found in a host of independent coffee shops, high end hotels, bars and restaurants across the UK as well as in CitizenM Hotels across the USA and Paris.

Source: B&B

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