BBH Singapore Launch New Campaigns For Chupa Chups Halloween Treats

BBH Singapore and Chupa Chups have unleashed two new campaigns to help the kiddies get Halloween excited and in a ghouly mood…

Let the Chupa Costumator help you pick your Halloween ensemble. Besides the sugary tricking and treating, the only other rush this Halloween will probably be finding yourself a horror-ble costume!

To help you along, Chupa Chups and the funny fellows at BBH Asia Pacific have created a rather clever device. Have a go with the Chupa Costumator – the one and only costume generator that gives you crazy costume combinations with guaranteed originality. Go on! Be a ‘Hairy Potter’ or a ‘Ceaser Salad’ this Halloween!

The second campaign enjoys the horrors of little one’s in this great TVC, Monsterkids…. There’s no denying it. Everyone one of you who has spawned a child or two has witnessed a Monsterkids moment. The screaming, the tantrum, the shrieks…. what darling displays of affection!

We continue to take out the ‘ee’ in Halloween, and put an end to all that screaming with a sweet pop of a Chupa Chups! So this year, the lollipop maker celebrates the darker side of childhood by featuring scary cherubs testing their parents patience and fraying their already worn nerves.

The best ghoulish routines were gathered from parents far and near and have been revealed on the Chupa Chups Youtube.

So sit back, get a Chupa Chups, and enjoy these Monster Kids moments.  After all, it’s about a Life Less Serious. Monsterkids is a creation of BBH Asia Pacific.

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