Beer a Mate this Dry January with Freestar

 Alcohol-free beer brand Freestar has launched its Beer a Mate campaign to ease Dry January in lockdown. January is hard enough as it is, stuck at home on away from your mates. With less zoom quizzes likely to occur this time around, Freestar is encouraging its customers to bring the give some good vibes and let your mates know you’re thinking of them, by sending them a 4-pack of award-winning alcohol-free beer on the house.

Throughout the month of January – if you buy a 12 pack (or more) of Freestar, they’ll send a 4-pack free of charge to any address of your choosing in the UK. They’ll even add a personalised note so you can let your mate know that you’re thinking of them. With many people, including Phillip Schofield, thinking about knocking dry January 2021 on the head after Boris’ announcement, Freestar’s initiative might just encourage people to stay on track throughout the bluest month of the year.

In recent times there has been a significant uptake in UK drinkers choosing no or low alcohol options.  Research conducted by Freestar has shown that over 35% of UK Millennials (25-34) drink low or no-alcohol beer at least once a week. London has the highest volume of low or no-alcohol beer drinkers (48%) followed by Birmingham (46%), Sheffield (45%) and Bristol (42%). 2 in 5 Brits are ABVarious – choosing to drink a balance of both alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks when in drinking occasions.

Felix Von Hurter Co-Founder of Freestar said: 

“January sucks. It sucked last year, it’s clearly going to suck even more this year, but don’t worry hope is on the horizon! We have full confidence in 2021 but we want to make those January blues that little bit less blue. Lockdown life is hard, and it will be a lonely month for many. So beer a mate this Jan and let your friends know you’re thinking of them with a 4 pack of January-friendly award-winning beer.”

Source: Freestar

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