Best Pizza Box Team Launches Innovative Pizza Box

After securing patent rights in 8 European countries and a Notice of Allowance for its US patent, Windshield Marketing revealed a breakthrough pizza box design to the World today.

The new pizza box, called “ZABOXTM” was publicized through a new website and a series of interactive YouTube video commercials that begin today. The website,, details how the innovative pizza box will revolutionize the pizza industry.

“Pizza is one of the most convenient take-out and home-delivered foods,” says Bill Volz, President of Windshield Marketing and co-inventor of ZABOX. “But when you have to wrestle with the box after your meal, it becomes cumbersome and difficult. With ZABOX you can easily split the pizza box in two and decide whether you want to simply throw away the entire box, or use half of ZABOX to conveniently store leftovers in your refrigerator.”

“We believe ZABOX will be a game changer for the pizza industry,” says Volz. “Market research shows that the ZABOX pizza box can dramatically shift market share for multiple stakeholders in the pizza industry. Based on the amazing simplicity of ZABOX, we believe the new pizza box offers an amazing opportunity for national pizza chains, independent pizzeria owners, box manufacturers, distributors, ad agencies and venture capitalists.”

This innovative pizza box offers tremendous marketing opportunities to increase value and brand loyalty for independent pizza restaurants, and companies such as Domino’s, Little Caesar’s, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut – especially when tied to other promotions. Windshield Marketing is engaging in discussions with various pizza industry stakeholders both domestically and internationally.

The ZABOX team will be launching new videos in the upcoming weeks demonstrating the benefits and convenience of ZABOX at The site will continue to be updated with ongoing news such as industry information, announcements, and trade show appearances. Come see ZABOX in action at the International Pizza Expo March 19-21st in Las Vegas – Booth 2033.

Volz, a 15-year veteran of consumer and pharmaceutical industries and former Head of Sales and Marketing, left the pharmaceutical industry to form Windshield Marketing. He joined forces with a former business colleague and PhD, Neal Ware to create this innovative product, ZABOX. They have partnered with Picture This Communications to develop a strategic marketing campaign.

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