BOMBAY SAPPHIRE opens Supermarket at the Design Museum, an art installation to show that creativity is essential

As public art institutions and galleries remain closed, the brand has teamed up with the Design Museum to welcome much-missed visitors through its doors. In a project launched by AMV BBDO and Ogilvy PR, all items are designed by a collective of emerging artists and will be available both at the shop and online.

This Wednesday 21st April, Supermarket, an installation by BOMBAY SAPPHIREand the Design Museum, will arrive at the museum’s Kensington High street home, stocking its shelves with essential items packaged in artworks created by a line-up of emerging artists. Created by AMV BBDO and launched by Ogilvy PR, this installation will allow the museum to welcome much-missed visitors through its doors once again and promote the vital message that ‘Creativity is Essential’.

Bombay Sapphire Supermarket

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE believes that creativity is an essential part of being human, making us feel fulfilled and happy. But during the pandemic our access to art institutions and other vital sources of creative inspiration has been severely restricted.  Now, as the UK slowly begins to emerge from lockdown, Supermarket at the Design Museumwill allow people to nourish their creativity and purchase limited edition works of art – all whilst doing their weekly shop. What’s more, they’ll be supporting the Design Museum which has suffered a 92% drop in its usual income streams while they do so.  

Supermarket at the Design Museumis part of a long-standing mission by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE to inspire creativity in all. It will be open from the 21 – 25 April, selling essential items designed by a collective of 10 brilliant emerging artists comprising of Amy Worrall, Charlotte Edey, Holly Warburton, Isadora Lima, Jess Warby, Joey Yu, Katherine Plumb, Kentaro Okawara, and Michaela Yearwood-Dan. The project is spearheaded by famed artist and designer Camille Walala who has brought her inimitable visual style to the store itself – bringing art and shopping together in a riot of bold patterns and bright colours.

Bombay Sapphire Supermarket

Natasha Curtin, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Global Vice President, comments “Creativity has been at the heart of our brand for over 30 years. We truly believe that creativity is essential, but for much of this past year, we haven’t been able to visit our much-loved art galleries and cultural institutions. That’s why we’re thrilled to be launching this project in support of The Design Museum, creating the world’s first artist designed supermarket and demonstrating the vital role that creativity plays in our lives. We hope that this project will provide a blue-print for other creative institutions helping them to welcome back visitors by establishing their own essential shop come art installation”.

Bombay Sapphire Supermarket

In response to the brand’s mission of helping the world realise its creative potential, the AMV team always knew that the answer would sit on non-traditional forms of engagement. More importantly, it should collaborate and champion artists and their work to remind people how essential creativity is and support the community.

Alex Grieve, Chief Creative Officer at AMV BBDO, says “In the mind-numbing sameness of pandemic days we have never needed creativity more. But, with all public galleries closed, the chance to be inspired and stimulated by art has been denied us. We believe creativity is essential. As vital to the human condition as food and water. Which sparked a thought: galleries are shut but essential shops are open. Let’s use creativity to find a way around the restrictions and turn a gallery into a supermarket so it can re-open and have the packaging of every product in our shop be a work of art from a different artist.  Which just goes to prove creativity finds a way”.

The essential items available to buy from the Supermarket include rice, tins of kidney beans, tea, coffee, loo roll, bread, pasta sauce, porridge oats, washing up liquid and rice, each one designed by a different artist. In addition, special limited-edition BOMBAY SAPPHIRE and tonic bottles have been created by artist and animation director Ruff Mercy. 

Bombay Sapphire Supermarket

The product packaging provided a blank canvas for each artist’s work, allowing them to bring their own distinctive style to the project, with ‘BOMBAY SAPPHIRE blue’ providing the common thread. The end result is a range of vibrant, collectable items that will not only be a stunning addition to any kitchen shelf, but support emerging artists and a cultural institution in what has been a difficult year for many.  These mini design classics will be available to buy at regular supermarket prices meaning everyone can own their own work of art without breaking the bank, making creativity accessible to all. Shoppers are advised to be quick – these items have been produced in limited quantities and are predicted to sell out fast!  

The full range is available to buy in store at the Supermarket as well as online via from 21 April until products sell out. All proceeds from sales will go to the Design Museum’s new Emerging Artist Access Fund – a new ‘pay it forward’ scheme that distributes free Design Museum tickets to up-and-coming artists and designers. PR coverage, social media and digital ads will drive consumers to both the physical and the online shop.

Bombay Sapphire Supermarket

Ogilvy PR orchestrated an in-depth media relations campaign spanning art, lifestyle, design and trade titles, placing news, features, pictures, and interviews with key spokespeople. This included hosting a virtual roundtable event to brief media on the launch, with Tim Marlow, Director and Chief Executive at the Design Museum, Camille Walala, the lead artist, and Bombay Sapphire Global Vice President Natasha Curtin. Ogilvy PR engaged a broad range of influencers to create content for the campaign and gifted items from the Supermarket range to key journalists and influencers. 

Supermarket at the Design Museum: Store Items

  • Fruit & vegetable stickers by Isadora Lima
  • Bread bag by Charlotte Edey
  • Rice box by Joey Yu
  • Pasta box by Holly Warbuton
  • Kidney beans tin by Kentaro Okwara
  • Passata jar by Joey Yu
  • Porridge oat jar by Amy Worrall
  • Tea bag tin by Katherine Plumb
  • Coffee jar by Holly Warbuton
  • Toilet roll by Michaela Yearwood-Dan
  • Face mask by Kentaro Okawara
  • Washing up liquid by Jess Warby
  • Tote bag by Camillie Walala
  • Bombay Sapphire by Ruff Mercy
  • Tonic by Ruff Mercy


Client: Bacardi

Brand: Bombay Sapphire

Campaign Title: Creativity is Essential

Client Name: Natasha Curtin, Bombay Sapphire Global Vice President

Creative Agency: AMV BBDO

CCO: Alex Grieve

ECDs: Nadja Lossgott and Nicholas Hulley

Creative Directors: Matt Swinburne and Polina Zabrodskaya

Creative Team: Lauren Peters and Augustine Cerf

Account Team: Anna Covell, Alistair Nichols and Lily West

Strategy Team: Suzanne Barker and Marina Glavan

Project Manager: Katie Fewster

Executive Producer: Laura Graham

Producer: Samantha Roberts

Senior Art Producer: Rhiannon Nicol

Senior Digital Producer: Michelle Walton

PR Agency: Ogilvy Public Relations

PR Agency Team: Jenny McCoubrey (Client Partner), Rosey Stones (Business Director), Becky Bayles (Business Director), Eden Summers (Manager), Gary Grimes (Manager), Shirin Vahdat-Khah (Influence Manager), Emily Woodhams (Executive), Livvy Ripman (Executive)

The Design Museum PR Team: Rioco Green (Media and PR Manager), Joanna Cockerill (PR and Communications Officer)

Partnerships Consultancy: Boster Group, Susan Boster (Founder and CEO)

Source:  AMV BBDO & MarComm News

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