Boundless Brand Design And Rogue Preserves Look To Challenge The Status Quo Of Jams And Chutneys With A Bold Rebrand

Audacious and disruptive challenger brand, Rogue, launches a standout rebrand to showcase their culinary creativity and brunch-inspired table worthy products.

Looking to establish themselves as an innovator within grocery, and disrupt the boring preserves and chutney categories, Rogue was set up to bring the coolest city brunch experiences to our kitchen tables. Founder, Asher Flowers wanted to relaunch his brand that embraces experimental food moments and enhance connections around the brunch table. After noticing a lack of standout and excitement, with mostly traditional competitors, Rogue wanted to bring impact and storytelling into the brand, giving it meaning and an edgy confidence that would resonate with young foodie consumers.

The Rogue revolution is here and we have created a daring and courageous new look and feel that celebrates the brunch experience, by shaking up the norm and bringing to life a world of contagious roguish charm and wit. With quirky bespoke tattoo style illustrations, doodles and playful language, Rogue now lives in a world of colourful character and punchy personality. With a logo that showcases a touch of hand-crafted magic and a bold strapline, Rogue really is ‘Damn Good’. Open and honest front of pack ingredients, craft small batch touches, and unique serving suggestions encourage transparency, engaging their audience with inspired and unusual culinary creations. Rogue dares you to be experimental and audacious.

Hamish Shand, Founder and Creative Director at Boundless says, ‘a brand with substance and grit, Rogues new branding challenges the status quo. Distinctive and ownable we have given new meaning to Rogue, defining a narrative that challenges and inspires, a kitchen hero and secret weapon. Rejecting sterility and minimalism, Rogue is a world of excitement, creativeness and innovation.’

Asher Flowers, Founder of Rogue says, ’We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Boundless on a rebrand that is packed full of attitude. Our whole brand is disruptive and dynamic, shaking up brunch norms, and standing out from traditional competitors by re-defining what kitchen experimentation means for our foodies. Already seeing the results of the rebrand with increased listings in a range of national supermarkets, Boundless have given us the tools to succeed. They are exceptional creative thinkers who have always gone the extra mile, delivering the unexpected at every stage.”

Source: Boundless

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