ButterflyCannon Creates Glenmorangie’s 2014 Gift Boxes

Glenmorangie low resGlenmorangie has launched this years bespoke gifting pack, containing a bottle of Glenmorangie’s signature expression The Original and two of the brand’s elegant tumblers.

The distinctive packaging, developed by ButterflyCannon, has a wrap around window displaying the contents in a dramatic and eye-catching manner. Inspired by the mesmerising window displays of luxury boutiques throughout the world, Glenmorangie wanted to create its own mini boutique.

“Each year we identify a new creative thematic to inform the packaging. This year’s inspiration came from the amazing festive window displays you see at the designer boutiques across the world. Glenmorangie is a prestigious whisky brand but doesn’t have its own stores, so we thought we would create one for them,” commented Jon Davies, Creative Director, ButterflyCannon.

‘The Original Collection’ pack arranges this season’s gift contents in a dynamic presentation that can be viewed from the front and the side through the pack’s unique corner window. The brand’s signature Orangie colour is textured with the watermark pattern to add depth and complexity to this arresting colour.

“This innovative packaging is a great way of showcasing the Glenmorangie bottle and glasses whilst reflecting Glenmorangie’s quality and creativity,” said Michael Atkinson, Marketing Manager at The Glenmorangie Company.

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