Cadbury Sticks A Real Life Aussie To Billboards In London, Manchester And Birmingham

Cadbury calls on the nation to ‘Just Ask An Aussie’ why they love the iconic chocolate bar, Caramilk so much. Activation by VCCP London is the latest installment of the UK launch for the famous chocolate which hit British shelves earlier this summer.

Cadbury and global creative agency, VCCP London, today are launching the latest installment in the successful ‘Just Ask An Aussie’ campaign series. Designed to promote Caramilk, the much-loved chocolate newly developed for the UK, the latest activity sees Caramilk place a real life Australian and Caramilk mega fan on billboards across the country. This activity calls on the nation to ‘Just Ask An Aussie’ (quite literally) why Caramilk is the coveted chocolate bar that caused such a stir Down Under. 

The latest campaign activity heroes an interactive OOH installation, playfully bringing together the traditional elements of OOH with a dynamic and innovative live element designed to capture and amplify the true spirit of Cadbury Caramilk. The ‘Ask an Aussie’ Australian will be live across three hero sites in the UK, premiering at Birmingham’s Custard Factory on the 26th September, and further installations will go live in Manchester at Cross Street on the 28th and The Truman Brewery Dray Walk, London on the 30th September. 

While the core campaign encourages Brits to ask an Aussie, not everyone has one in their phonebook, so the latest element offers up an Aussie that people can ask directly. Those who can’t see the billboard in person but still want the chance to talk to the Aussie about Caramilk can ask away through an Instagram Q&A. It’s even been revealed that the Caramilk megafan has asked to be partially paid in the currency of Caramilk chocolate bars. 

The campaign will also be supported by a media partnership with LADBible and Wildfire memes, and a dedicated influencer campaign which will also launch on Sunday 26th September with comedians Sideman, BashTheEntertainer and Star Holroyd, coordinated by PR agency, Golin. 

Until recently, Cadbury Caramilk was only available to buy Down Under and gained fame and a dedicated Aussie fanbase. Such was the demand for Caramilk that it was hoarded and even rationed by shops in Australia by chocolate lovers.

Beatrice Berutti, Senior Brand Manager at Mondelez says,“We’re super excited to be putting real Aussies on billboards to help spread the word of just how delicious the new Cadbury Caramilk bar is. We wanted to do something which naturally channelled the Cadbury Caramilk character, whilst standing out from other new product launches. We were committed to doing something a little bit different, albeit whacky to welcome Caramilk to British shelves, and we’re super excited that our mad plan of pinning a real, live Aussie was pulled off. Go on ‘Just Ask An Aussie’ for yourself!” 

Jonny Parker, Executive Creative Director at VCCP London added: “Aussies have loved Caramilk for years. They love it more than their cat, their phone, one even told us that they like it more than people. With 138,000 Aussies living in the UK, what better spokesperson to launch Caramilk than the Aussies themselves? We’ve worked with real-life Aussie megafans and put them on billboards up and down the country to give Brits the chance to ask them what the fuss is all about.”

‘Just Ask An Aussie’ interactive billboards will run at Birmingham’s Custard Factory on the 26th September, Manchester at Cross Street on the 28th and The Truman Brewery Dray Walk, London on the 30th September. Media has been planned and executed by Carat.

Source: VCCP

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