Coca-Cola Launches Vintage-Inspired Fashion Line

Coke1Coca-Cola partnered with Dr Romanelli, aka DRx, to debut a fashion line inspired by Coke branded clothing found in vintage stores and flea markets.

Romanelli is renowned in the street fashion arena, and his designs are trademarked by his vintage, rugged, street aesthetic.

The high-end ‘Coca-Cola by DRx’ collection includes bomber jackets, biker jackets and vests that run between US$450 and US$1,650. The garments were stitched together from Coke-branded vintage clothing sourced from vintage stores around the world.

The line celebrates Coke’s iconic brand heritage and alludes to street style from the 1960s-1990s. DRx also pays homage to Japanese designers Jun Takahashi and Junya Watanabe with his designs.

Take a look at some pieces from the 200-piece collection.

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