Coldpress Smoothies With Added Benefits Arrive In 800 Lidl Stores

It seems that Britain is at a healthier eating & drinking crossroads with recent government announcements which suggest that Britain is declaring war on bad health/obesity, whilst Public Health England will start conducting reviews on vitamin D in the context of COVID-19 whilst the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) will looker deeper into all the research linking essential vitamin deficiencies with poor COVID-19 outcomes.

It wasn’t that long ago that smoothies were being unfairly sidelined as a frivolous, sugar-laden line extension of juices that simply wasn’t deserving of meaningful shelf space in a modern chiller.  

Fast forward a few years and three new look Coldpress smoothies (The UK’s 1st HPP smoothies with fortified with vitamins B,D & E will make their eagerly anticipated debut this July in 800 Lidl stores/13 regional depots.

According to Coldpress founder, Andrew Gibb‘We always knew our smoothies were best-in-class because HPP is a modern, ingredient-friendly alternative to traditional taste/nutrient-sapping heat treatments.  Yes, there are naturally-occurring fruit sugars in our smoothies, (albeit no added sugars!) but the simple reality is if you keep to Public Health England drinking guidelines, the nutrient-rich benefits of smoothies far outweigh any perceived negatives.  Our ‘eureka moment’ was recognising that today’s juices and smoothies need to work even harder to support today’s increasingly hectic lifestyles, which is why today’s Coldpress range also contains added fortified vitamins B,D,E in addition to C.’ 

From a wider category perspective, smoothies offer an authentic healthy living strategy PLUS natural flavours and ‘nutritional convenience’ to a wider soft drink category overrun with unnecessary sugars, flavourings and synthetic nasties.

Source: Coldpress

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