“Do The Albert Bartlett: Home Cooks Dance Like No One Is Watching”

Following the release of its new look TV campaign before Christmas, Albert Bartlett, the leading potato company commissioned a piece of research around the campaign to find out who in the UK dances whilst cooking.

The preparation and art of cooking has been described as a ‘dance’, so what better way to get into the groove than to ‘dance’ like nobody’s watching? Of course, many of us are drinking wine and chatting with our loved ones while we’re cooking but maybe we’re also rocking out to our favourite music while we slice and dice, or we’re enjoying a snatched moment of serenity and quiet before dinner.

A startling result is that 29% of those who listen to music while cooking dance like there is no one watching, with the highest proportion of uninhibited kitchen dancers being based in London (34%), whereas those in Scotland are more reserved with only 22% prepared to channel their inner Travolta. It appears that men are far more self-conscious than women because of those who dance while they are cooking, only 19% of the male respondents dance like no one is watching, whereas 37% of female respondents are happy to dance with abandon.

The research conducted by YouGov asked UK adults if they listened to music whilst cooking and, of those who do; it turns out that pop music is by far the most popular (30%), followed by rock (15%).  A further 9% of people in the UK prefer soothing classical music for cooking and 5% like to rock out to metal or punk.  Of those who listen to something while cooking, 50% listen to music on a personal device and over half of this group (64%) relies on the radio for its tunes.

On air until the beginning of February, the Albert Bartlett 40’ TV ad entitled ‘Do The Albert Bartlett’, focuses on the fun and shared emotion of cooking together and the versatility of Albert Bartlett potatoes and stars a father and daughter dream team cooking delicious dishes and dancing to the sizzling sounds of James Brown’s classic, “Papa’s got a brand new bag”. However, the research findings showed that of those who listen to music some may dance to the Godfather of Soul, other people play air guitar  (6%) and around 7% of people claim to do a full dance routine while cooking to music.  These people are clearly ‘Doing the Albert Bartlett’ in style!

Perhaps it’s too distracting to dance for some because 35% are very focused on the task in hand and don’t dance at all. A small number of people (4%)are so lost in the moment that they don’t know whether or not they dance to the music while cooking.

Almost a fifth of UK Adults (18%) are more reserved and tap their foot while cooking  and for those not bopping to music, other leading options included: talking with a partner or friend(33%), listening to the news(27%) , podcasts(13%) and audio books (7%).

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.  Total sample size was 2169 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 11th – 12th December 2019.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+).

Source: Albert Bartlett

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