Domino’s Pizza Encourages Australians To Become Pizza Moguls

Domino’s Pizza Australia is launching a new promotion, Pizza Mogul, allowing everyone to become a millionaire by starting their own business on the brand’s platform. The consumers are invited to create their own pizza recipe, name, share it across the social media channels, and eventually sell it. The more popular the pizza variety is among other consumers, the more the creator will earn.

The creations are posted to the Domino’s website, from where anyone can order it. The varieties can be devised either on the site or via a special app that allows to build the perfect pizza. The earning will make between 25c and $4.50 per pizza, “based on converting Dough earned at today’s Dough to A$ exchange rate.” The money can be withdrawn (the taxes must be covered as well) or donated to a charity of choice.

dominos_pizza_mogul_01“Mogul provides the vehicle for Domino’s to utilise social selling as a powerful revenue and viral advertising stream. We are looking for our passionate customers, fans and followers to share their creativity with their social networks. Me-Tailing isn’t a trend but more of a way of doing business and is the next wave of digitalization,” commented Domino’s MD Don Meij.

The new move gives the brand multiple opportunities for user-generated promotion—as they are trying to market their Domino’s pizza variety across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, they will be pushing the brand forward.

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