Domino’s Takes Jab at Pizza Hut with ‘Pizza School’ Site

dominos_pizza_school_useGlobal chain Domino’s has launched a site called Pizza School where users can browse around a virtual campus and watch instructional videos on how to make pizza.

Created by CP+B, the site is Domino’s attempt to one up Pizza Hut, which has gotten a lot of attention lately because of its hot dog bites pizza.

By featuring the different steps it takes to make a pizza, from rolling the dough to spreading the sauce and adding cheese with toppings, Domino’s hopes to appeal to consumers with its gimmick-free pies while making fun of Pizza Hut’s ‘crazy concoctions.’

The chain even set up a portable pizza school outside of a Pizza Hut to try and convince its competitor’s employees why Domino’s pizzas are more authentic.

“We used to have some gimmicks too, but we got back to the basics and now we’re back to making authentic, real pizza,” one Domino’s employee says to a Pizza Hut worker in a video that documents the experience.

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