Domino’s Trains Reindeer to Deliver Pizza for Christmas in Japan

Domino’s Pizza has garnered a reputation for its innovative approach to new delivery methods having tried everything from drones to autonomous bots and now the pizza giant is adding a festive spin to its marketing with the help of reindeer.

s3-news-tmp-111981-dominos_reindeer_1-default-960In Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido, reindeer are being tasked with carrying out Domino’s deliveries throughout December.

The pizza company is working with reindeer breeders at the Hokkaido Delivery Integrated Research Centre to train them how to deliver pizza.

Following the completion of the training a full-scale rollout of reindeer will be implemented in December. They will be tracked in real-time by a “GPS driver tracker”.

s3-news-tmp-111981-dominos_pizza-default-720Domino’s is understood to be taking “all possible steps” to ensure the welfare of the reindeer. This includes factoring in the maximum weight they can bear and the distance they are able to safely travel.

The company’s marketing stunts have contributed to a boost in its online orders which have paved the way for more ambitious expansion plans in some regions including the UK.

Source: The Drum

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