Energy Drink Labels Don’t Tell you Enough

ginkobilowStep aside coffee, energy drinks are taking over! About half of all adults have tried them, and about half of all teenagers and young adults drink them regularly.

In fact, energy drink sales in the United States reached more than $10 billion in 2012 – and that number is only growing. But many questions still remain about the safety of energy drinks and the accuracy of their marketing claims.

These questions are addressed by leading experts in fatigue management in CIRCADIAN’s  new complimentary whitepaper – “Energy Drinks: The Good, The Bad and The Jittery.”

Over the past few years, the energy drink industry has seen unprecedented growth. And it easy to see why: energy drinks offer a quick, easy and affordable energy boost to our 24/7, sleep-deprived society.

As a result, they’ve carved out their own niche in the world of caffeinated beverages, right next to coffee and soda.

However, there are many potential dangers associated with energy drink use, including jitteriness, gastrointestinal problems and potentially even more serious cardiovascular side effect and there is little regulatory oversight of the drinks themselves.

“Energy drinks might seem like a quick fix, but they are not the safest or healthiest way to manage fatigue. The rebound effects as people come down from their caffeine high can have dangerous consequences,” says CIRCADIAN CEO and former Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. Martin Moore-Ede .

Energy drinks have been linked to jitteriness, gastrointestinal problems and potentially even more serious cardiovascular side effects such as arrhythmias, or even death.

Their widespread use has led to increasing questions about their safety and efficacy, as well as concerns over the lack of regulatory oversight over the energy drink market.

CIRCADIAN’s whitepaper, “Energy Drinks: The Good, The Bad and The Jittery” examines the causes of popularity of energy drinks and the ingredients that give energy drinks their boost. It also suggests best consumption practices and identifies potential safety issues.  The whitepaper is accessible on the CIRCADIAN website.

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