Fibre One boosts functional snacking portfolio with NEW protein platform

The UK’s leading weight management snack bar brand, Fibre One from General Mills, has today announced it is broadening the functional health benefits it offers consumers with the launch of a brand-new protein range.

The permissibly indulgent protein bars are deliciously chewy and crispy and will be available in two flavours – Caramel and Cookies & Cream. The 3x bar multipacks will launch exclusively in Tesco from 2nd November.

Fibre One Protein offers a trifecta benefit to consumers – 90 calories per bar, 10g of protein and 1g of sugar – to meet a range of lifestyle and dietary needs. The launch will be supported via bursts of social media and in-store activity next month and again in January – a key time to capture the ‘new year, new me’ shopper.

Adrienne Burke, Marketing Manager, Snacking at General Mills said:“Our research found 71% of Fibre One consumers are interested in protein, but are wary of the high sugar and calorie content of protein bars currently on the market.

“Our new range is the ideal alternative – the bars are low in sugar and calories but taste great and give the perfect protein boost, especially for the pre-and post-gym occasion. Our consumers can finally have the best of both worlds!”

Not only innovating with protein, Fibre One has revealed it is also extending its line of popcorn snack bars with a brand-new flavour. Fibre One Salted Caramel & Almond Popcorn bars will hit Tesco shelves along with Fibre One Protein from 2nd November as another first-to-market launch with the retailer.

Popcorn is already widely associated with weight loss thanks to its lightness and minimal calories and continues to see high demand as a snacking option. As a result, Fibre One’s popcorn bar range is consistently showing strong momentum since launching in 2018 and is now worth £6.9million[3].

The new bar will join existing Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter flavours to offer weight managers the perfect mid-morning treat or afternoon pit stop with 5g of fibre and 90 calories.

Source: Fibre One

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