FIJI Water Unveils ‘Untouched’: First TV Ad Campaign in Brand’s 20–Year History

FIJI Water, the premium bottled water brand in the United States, announced its first–ever television advertising campaign for the brand: “Untouched.”

The $30 million campaign – the largest marketing investment FIJI Water has ever made – highlights how a sip of FIJI Water transports one from the grime of civilization to the untouched tranquility of Fiji.

The four, 15 seconds spots will tell the story behind FIJI Water’s unique mineral profile and refreshing taste. FIJI Water is bottled at its source on the island of Viti Levu at an ancient aquifer deep within the earth where it remains protected from external impurities. The creative highlights this “untouched” element by showing the beautiful, tranquil Fiji landscape overlaid against complicated, dirty cityscapes.

d628b023-b3b0-44a1-ac7c-9bf92e8fca4e.HR“We’re thrilled to launch our first–ever television advertising campaign,” said Clarence Chia, vice president of marketing at FIJI Water. “FIJI Water has been subtly telling our story for more than two decades. As we continue our growth trajectory, we wanted to re–introduce the brand more broadly to consumers. The ‘Untouched’ campaign beautifully tells our brand story and we are excited to share that message with the world.”

This new campaign comes off the heels of the brand’s first label redesign in more than ten years. Last month, the company unveiled a new label design showcasing the beauty of the brand and story behind the water’s journey. Each bottle size, 330ml, 500ml, 1L and 1.5L, features not only the new label, but also six new back labels.

The “Untouched” campaign was developed by the company’s in–house advertising agency, FireStation, and the spots were produced by Elastic, the Emmy–Award winning team behind the “True Detective” title sequence. The ads will air throughout the year on network and cable channels.

In addition to TV, the campaign will also have strong presence across digital and social platforms. The campaign will be supported by FSIs, in–store promotion, public relations and event marketing efforts.

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