Google Food Truck Lets People Exchange Their Photos For Free Food

In collaboration with innovation studio DeepLocal, the Google Photos Food Truck challenge gives free food to people who can show them photos of something specific, like a boat or a dog.

The food truck has already begun its tour in New York City and Los Angeles, with over 3,300 participants. The challenge starts with a large mechanized 20 second countdown clock that picks a term from a random list for participants to find Google Photos Food Truckfrom their phone’s photo library. It is really a win-win, since participants who fail to locate a suitable photo in the 20 seconds still get a smaller serving of the free food.

This is a fun way to promote Google Photos, an app that stores all your photos and videos in one place on your phone. The app lets you organize your media files and locate any image or video in a matter of seconds.

The food truck is heading to Portland on 28-29 August 2015, and will be in Austin on 4-5 September 2015. Their food giveaways include Wafels & Dinges in New York City and Coolhaus Ice Cream in Los Angeles.

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